Intellectual nonsense about Syria

There should be a lower intellectual level to the statements by a US Secretary of Defence. There should be a debunking of the unethical behaviour that repeatedly state that there is only a political solution to Syria and continue to use only violence. There should be a discussion about international law here. There should be [...]

Terroren: Der er bedre veje end udenrigsminister Samuelsens krigskaffe

Udenrigsminister Anders Samuelsen siger til DR den 4. juni 2017 at det ikke dur med "dialogkaffe" n√•r man skal bek√¶mpe terrorisme. Efter at 7 mennesker er blevet dr√¶bt i endnu et angreb i London - hvis gerningsm√¶nd og motiver vi endnu ikke kender - mener han if√łlge Ritzau/DR at der skal s√¶ttes "h√•rdt imod h√•rdt". [...]

NATO should be dissolved – 8 arguments

This is TFF Live on Facebook - the live broadcast I do now and then because live broadcasts have a much larger dissemination than articles, images, texts and Youtube videos. You may find more here. I argue why I believe NATO belongs to the past and should have been dissolved when the Soviet Union and [...]

Discussing Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Here I am with my friends Donald, Bibi, Sara and Melania... And speak a little about the stupidity of scapegoating Iran for everything, of giving Saudi Arabia even more weapons - and being bribed by it - of creating the preconditions for more warfare and about the fact that NATO is setting up shop in [...]

May 1: Where are the workers in the struggle for peace? Nowhere it seems!

Iran on nuclear deal and nuclear-free Middle East

I had the pleasure and honour to comment on the Iranian defence minister's views on the nuclear deal, on a nuclear-free Middle East, terrorism and more.

The US/NATO confrontation with Russia is dangerous

TFF LiveApril 12, 2017 The secretaries of state, Tillerson and Lavrov meet today. We seem to enter a stage of what must appropriately be perceived as a frosty new Cold War. In the worst of cases this can lead to a new Cuban Missile Crisis. God forbid!

“Vittnesrapport fr√•n Aleppo, en annorlunda konfliktanalys och v√§gar till fred i Syrien”

Videoinspelning av Jan √Ėbergs f√∂redrag i Stockholm februari 2017 Inspelningen √§r uppdelad i tv√• delar: Del 1: Vittnesrapport fr√•n Aleppo60 min. Del 2: Debatt och v√§gar till fred i Syrien45 min. Bakgrund10-14:e december 2016 vistades Jan √Ėberg i Aleppo. Med sin unika erfarenhet fr√•n staden ifr√•gas√§tter han den g√§ngse massmediarapporteringen, argumenterar f√∂r ett nytt s√§tt [...]

Keep focus on Aleppo and global dimensions of Syria

Soldiers and volunteers from Aleppo University hand out food to IDPs having come in from Eastern Aleppo. December 14, 2016 ¬© Jan Oberg 2016   TFF PressInfo # 405  Lund, Sweden - February 24, 2017Failed conflict analysis To analyse a conflict is as necessary as the diagnosis for the doctor: You either get to a [...]

Hjort Frederiksens Danmark og Honeckers √ėsttyskland

Der var en gang sikkerhedspolitik var vigtigt og kr√¶vede sagkundskab Jeg er gammel nok til at huske danske politikere, der have kundskab om forsvar, sikkerhed og fred som f.eks. Lasse Budtz, Kjeld Olesen, Gert Petersen, Bilgrav-Nielsen, Jytte Hilden, Poul Hartling, Anker J√łrgensen, Preben Wilhjelm. Nogle af dem skrev b√łger om international politik. Jeg kendte flere af dem, [...]

Faces of Aleppo

Fourth photo story from Aleppo: "Faces of Aleppo. Just out of 4,5 years of occupation hell" January 25, 2017 Unique photos from Eastern Aleppo in Syria when it was finally liberated on December 11-12, 2016. The people you see here have just come out to freedom from 4,5 years of the occupation by what can [...]

Humans in liberated Aleppo

Have just published the second of a series of photo stories from Syria - "Humans in liberated Aleppo". Boy in Eastern Aleppo demonstrating to me, as a visitor there during the days of the liberation, that he sees this as a liberation, as a victory - I hope he will soon see a beautiful re-built [...]

Udefinerede menneskelig fejl da danske F-16 var med til at dræbe snesevis af syriske soldater. Ikke andet?

Den 29. november fort√¶ller Danmarks Radio p√• sin hjemmeside at det var et antal sammenfaldende og beklagelige menneskelige fejl, der for√•rsagede at danske F-16 fly i september var medvirkende til at dr√¶be mellem 60 og 80 syriske soldater - eller "mindst 15" som den amerikanske rapport herom angiveligt udtrykker det - og s√•re over 100.   [...]

Vi Ses Hos Clement og på Russia Today

Om min policy vedr√łrende deltagelse i medier I forbindelse med en debat p√• "Vi Ses Hos Clement" p√• Facebook blev jeg inddraget og p√• et tidspunkt spurgt af Clement-redaktionen - da jeg erkendte at jeg "optr√¶der" af og til p√• Russia Today: Vi ses hos Clement: "Tak for din kommentar, Jan Oberg. Har du, i [...]

“Shadow World” – on your tax money

I've felt deeply touched by Johan Grimonprez' brilliant and frightening documentary "Shadow World" which is based on Andrew Feinstein's book with the same name. I want to share it with my readers and here is all about the book and the movie. It was shown in November 2016 by Swedish Television with Swedish text but is due to [...]

Turkey’s coup – Another example of the West’s disintegration

Here is my take on the July 15 coup in Turkey - why it happened the way it did and what is the least unlikely hypothesis - followed by some examples of regional and international consequences this coup is bound to have. And it ends: NATO comes across as a very tired alliance that should [...]

EU’s so-called refugee crisis – and what should and must be done

Commenting on PressTv on July 22, 2016 after yet another tragedy in the Mediterranean. But how much did the media cover that in comparison with the Nice tragedy - and Hollande's killing of 120 innocent civilians as revenge for Nice (which at the time was not known to have any connections to ISIS or similar).

The horror in Nice and elsewhere

Jan Oberg comments on Iranian PressTV (July 19, 2016) some 11 minutes into this program. “The War On Terror is history’s most stupid and counterproductive. If the terrorism problem has increased about 80 times since 2001 we should be intellectual and decent enough to ask ourselves: What are we doing wrong? Nobody asks this question [...]

“Peace, Conflict, Democracy”

The West leaves, a multi-polar world comes Jan √ėberg - Video lecture - Part 1/3

On Obama’s visit to Hiroshima – TFF PressInfo # 373

On Obama’s visit to Hiroshima – TFF PressInfo # 373

TFF PressInfo # 373: What Obama should do in Hiroshima tomorrowArticles by Jonathan Power & Richard Falk With an intro by Jan Oberg.