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The US/NATO confrontation with Russia is dangerous

TFF Live
April 12, 2017

The secretaries of state, Tillerson and Lavrov meet today. We seem to enter a stage of what must appropriately be perceived as a frosty new Cold War.

In the worst of cases this can lead to a new Cuban Missile Crisis. God forbid!

Turkey’s coup – Another example of the West’s disintegration

Here is my take on the July 15 coup in Turkey – why it happened the way it did and what is the least unlikely hypothesis – followed by some examples of regional and international consequences this coup is bound to have.

And it ends:

NATO comes across as a very tired alliance that should have been closed down or re-invented itself 25 years ago when its raison d’etre – the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact – disappeared. (That was always false because the Warsaw Pact was created 6 years after NATO had been established).

And, then, now this coup too – and rapid decent into instability, extreme authoritarianism, chaos and possible violence or civil war in Turkey.

One may wonder what the Western press and politicians would have made of such purges had they happened in Russia or Iran? Now we hear mainly vague ’worries’ or full endorsements of a dictator. Self-censorship because of Turkey’s NATO status, or what? Why?

One crack in the Empire after the other. Indeed, we are living in interesting – and dangerous – times.

“Peace, Conflict, Democracy”

The West leaves, a multi-polar world comes

Jan Øberg – Video lecture – Part 1/3

Don’t underestimate Donald Trump

Don’t underestimate him, count him out or think he is crazy.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” half-hour interview with Donald Trump is interesting. He has passion and a very fast mind, he seems to have integrity in the sense that he cannot be bought for money by others and he doesn’t mind having standpoints that conservative republicans find odd or surprising.

He is clearly eclectic and pragmatic rather than a theoretician, ideology-bent politician – and seems to build a lot on his entrepreneur experience and sense of reading people.

His vision – “making America great again!” – may be frightening and wrong and it is based on strength, on military but even more on economic strength.

The interesting thing is that he is much more realistic Continue reading

If so, let the U.S. isolate itself

Iran says nuclear deal depends on lifting of sanctions | Reuters

This is a timely reminder to those who believe the Iran nuclear deal can be reduced to and hinges upon the deal between Congress and Obama. Says Iranian President Rouhani: “We are in talks with the major powers and not with the Congress,” Rouhani said.

I draw three conclusions:

1. If there will be no deal, the main reason is the US and Israel.
2. The other 4P+1 countries should let the U.S. isolate itself and sign the deal with Iran. Everybody should then normalise relations with Iran and speed up all kinds of co-operation ASAP.
3. The punishment of the Iranian people has been unjustifiable from Day One and their suffering must end.

Nazi-Islamisme – som om ordet islamisme ikke var tilstrækkeligt modbydeligt

Hvor lavt kan danske politikere synke etisk og intellektuelt? Hvis der fandtes en tåbeparagraf ville d’herrer Pape og Khader blive dømt på den – det er klart efter deres indlæg i Aarhus Stiftstidende.

Islamisme er et modbydeligt ord – fordi det direkte sammenkæder en religions navns med terrorisme hvilket f.eks. ikke er tilfældet med ordet buddhisme. Dermed gøres de to ting i praksis til ét fedt.

Nu lægges “Nazi” så til med en horribel populistisk forklaring. Jeg kommer til at tænke på den norske filosof Harald Ofstads fremragende bog for mange år siden: “Vor foragt for svaghed. Nazismens normer og vore egne” (1971).

Gad vide hvilket ramaskrig og hvor mange programmer Deadline m.fl. ville bruge på et par kvægpander, der mente vi alle bedre kunne forstå det hele hvis man om Israel og/eller jøder brugte ordet “Nazionisme”?

Comment to Israel’s defence minister in Washington Post

Israel’s defence minister Moshe Ya’alon writes in Washington Post under the headline “Current Iran framework will make war more likely”
When I wrote my comment there were already more than 1100 comments – so here it is:

“Israel’s defence minister is an echo of PM Netanyahu. Nothing new, Israel’s official views are well-known, beamed out a thousand times more effectively than Iran’s to the world, not the least thanks to leading U.S. free and plural media.

What makes you, Mr. Ya’alon, think that this whole discussion can go on forever as if Israel was not the main problem because of its military/militarism and its nuclear weapons?

Your military expenditures are about the same as Iran’s, a country with about 10 times more people to defend. While you continue to hold occupied territory and fight wars for it – and you are a military man who mentions what he has been forced to do during war – you omit mention of the fact that Iran has not invaded anyone for more than 200 years.

Israel, sadly, pursues law-defying policies and decades long ethnic cleansing instead of taking one step in the direction of trying to live together in a democracy-for-all state. You’ve got more power to change Israel’s policies than most Israelis.

Morally – and I take you to be a moral man – you cannot contribute to punishing 80 million people (sanction, bombing threats, agents, propaganda, etc) who have done nothing wrong – i.e. Iran has no nuclear weapons and is a member of the NPT – where you are in the opposite, deplorable situation.

Who threatened you when, in the 1960s, you acquired nuclear weapons? Iran? No, Israel sought to help Iran to get nuclear weapons.

So, dear defence minister, come down from your high, morally handicapped, horse and dialogue (don’t let Netanyahu continue with his arrogant manners).

Take a trip to Iran and talk with your opposite number there. It’s a civilisation, an educated people and a place of amazing culture and hospitality as good as Israel.

As minister of defence you may know everything about war but peace is obviously not your profession. If it were – you would write another type of article here and have better arguments for a future Middle East of peace.