Mossad contradicted Netanyahu on Iran nuclear programme – Al Jazeera

PM Netanyahu repeatedly speaks and acts in bad faith with the aim of getting some kind of war started on Iran.

A leader of a nuclear weapons state suffering from obsession and having such bad aims and political judgement is a threat to us all.

With a population roughly 10 times bigger than Israel’s, the two have about the same military expenditures. Israel spends 6,0 % of its GDP on the military, Iran 4,1. Israel can count on major militarist cuntries such as NATO – 60% of the worlds military – and Saudi Arabia for an attack on Iran.

Iran has no nukes, has not occupied or invaded anybody for more than 200 years. The threat from Iran is Netanyahu’s own psychologial projections.

Could the EU and/or Washington please help this man to come to his senses before it is too late. The war he has on his mind will be nothing less than a world catastrophe.

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  1. Most of it may be Netanyahu’s projection, but Iran itself hasn’t helped.

    Ahmedinejad threaths were idiotic beyond words. So much that even Palestinians and many Iranians had to distance themselves from them:

    Now, luckily Ahmedinejad is not president any more, but as he expressed his pschopathic sentiments as head-of-state, the damage was (and is) done.

    I agree that Netanyahu’s projections are stupid, but BOTH nations has to come to terms with the other parts right to exist. It is not only Israel’s responsibility Jan.


  2. People need to start calling the sources of conflict in the Middle East what they are: besides massive energy resources, related to that circumstance violence is evidence of mainly the clash of political systems/ideology; secular nationalism versus monarchy/oligarchy. Centralization of power and wealth versus decentralization of power and more wealth equality.

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