Iran nuclear achievement “victory for civilization”

My comments to Iran's PressTV in the morning of July 14, before the nuclear deal with Iran was announced. This is a taped interview with a summary text: “This is a triumph for talks, for diplomacy, for dialogue instead of warfare and it is an important movement for the world not only for Iran or [...]

TFF PressInfo # 313: Ignore the 47 irresponsible US Republican senators

By Farhang Jahanpour & Jan Oberg, TFF Board membersRead the whole text "Ignore the 47 irresponsible US Republican senators - here" Now that Iran cannot trust the U.S. - what must be done to secure a nuclear deal? NATO and EU friends of the US as well as the other negotiating powers must come forward. [...]

Politiken er ikke så god til det dér med Israel

Under menuen "Udland" er det eneste, jeg finder i den den 9.marts, nedenst√•ende artikel. Politikens online-l√¶sere ser intet om den massive kritik Netanyahus tale blev m√łdt med - i USA, i Israel-venlige kredse, p√• j√łdiske siter, og i israeliske aviser og TV - eller tidl Mossad-chefers s√łnderlemmende kritik af ham.De ser ikke Uri Avnery og [...]

Help Netanyahu to come to his senses

Mossad contradicted Netanyahu on Iran nuclear programme - Al Jazeera PM Netanyahu repeatedly speaks and acts in bad faith with the aim of getting some kind of war started on Iran. A leader of a nuclear weapons state suffering from obsession and having such bad aims and political judgement is a threat to us all. [...]

The Swedish-Israeli crisis

Interview with RT International on relationship between Sweden and Israel on YouTube.And we end it with a good laugh about my advice to PM Netanyahu!

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Some people are exceptional

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Some people are exceptionalBy Jan ObergA short think piece on Gaza 2014 and the moral decay of the West.Written 12 days after Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, after Shejaiya and after 400 people on the Palestinian side have been killed.Go to the article on TFF's blog.