War with Iran is probably our best option – The Washington Post
By Joshua Muravchik – one of the extremist neo-cons influencing U.S. foreign policy.

Hardly one argument backed up by facts here. The professor advocates a series of violations of international law. He thinks it is fine to kill people and cause regime change.

Two simple points: Why does Washington Post publish such crap? Answer: Only because it is 100% politics and propaganda and 0 academic. Qaulity is no criteria anymore; it is politically correct within the narrow circles that edit this newspaper.

Secondly, academics who support US foreign policy – domestically and around the world – these year should come out and say whether they support or distance themselves from semi-fascist views such as these.

Like we use Islamism (which is a nasty term that links the religion to terrorism – and that is of course the intention – we should use USism about stuff like this.

It has as little to do with the best traditions of American politics as Islamic State has to do with Islam.

Interesting too?  Nye krigsfly? Boykot dem eller brug folkefinanciering


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