Like we use Islamism – why not USism

War with Iran is probably our best option – The Washington Post
By Joshua Muravchik – one of the extremist neo-cons influencing U.S. foreign policy.

Hardly one argument backed up by facts here. The professor advocates a series of violations of international law. He thinks it is fine to kill people and cause regime change.

Two simple points: Why does Washington Post publish such crap? Answer: Only because it is 100% politics and propaganda and 0 academic. Qaulity is no criteria anymore; it is politically correct within the narrow circles that edit this newspaper.

Secondly, academics who support US foreign policy – domestically and around the world – these year should come out and say whether they support or distance themselves from semi-fascist views such as these.

Like we use Islamism (which is a nasty term that links the religion to terrorism – and that is of course the intention – we should use USism about stuff like this.

It has as little to do with the best traditions of American politics as Islamic State has to do with Islam.

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