Facebook censorship spells the end of free speech, of democracy, if allowed to continue: JFK Jr’s Insta account

Facebook censorship spells the end of free speech, of democracy, if allowed to continue: JFK Jr’s Insta account

N E WListen to this as a podcast on one or more channels Some time ago I referred my readers to my rather extensive analysis on the TFF - the Transnational Foundation's homepage - about social media and why I am reducing my use of Facebook, Twitter and Google to an absolute minimum. That was [...]

Time to stop visiting the United States

Time to stop visiting the United States

June 1, 2019 I've never been "anti-American." I work with (North) Americans every day at the Transnational Foundation and much of my academic training in both sociology and peace and conflict research has been heavily influenced by American scholarship. I am a great admirer of American culture and arts - from the Abstract Impressionists to [...]

Thanks for the friends’ and followers’ boom

During the last two weeks I have received almost 800 friend requests on Facebook and about 1000 new followers. It's overwhelming and warms my heart beyond words. Many many thanks for your trust and support - and for not only thinking it but taking time to tell it. I can only assume that it is [...]

“Shadow World” – on your tax money

I've felt deeply touched by Johan Grimonprez' brilliant and frightening documentary "Shadow World" which is based on Andrew Feinstein's book with the same name. I want to share it with my readers and here is all about the book and the movie. It was shown in November 2016 by Swedish Television with Swedish text but is due to [...]

Facebook’s grotesque nudity censorship policy

Open Letter Lund, Sweden, July 1, 2016 Dear Facebook friends Yes, I consider this blocking of me - because of posting an image of nudity - for one day unreasonable. Here is why: The image of a naked young woman in water was taken from the Danish daily newspaper, Politiken - one of Denmark's most [...]

DR2 om Irans atomvåben og valg

Er public service og fri presse = frihed til at være så propagandistisk som man lyster? DR2 udsendte fredag den 26. februar 2016 kl 00:15 en time-langt fransk dokumentarfilm"Iran - "Iran - A-Bombe for enhver pris." Fra 2011!Underteksten: "Et af Vestens vigtigste forsvarsmål lige nu er at sætte en stopper for Irans atomprogram, og..." Man [...]

Kunne Danmark ogs√• g√łre noget godt for verden?

"Europe 2015 - Or Behind Every Refugee Stands A Warmaker" ¬© Jan Oberg 2015 Danmarks stadigt mere triste retning i verdens √łjne:   ‚ÄĘ Muhammetegningerne og afvisningen af diplomatisk samtale   ‚ÄĘ Bombninger, krig, bes√¶ttelse - fra Jugoslavien i 1999 til Irak 2 x, Libyen   ‚ÄĘ Beredvilligheden at bombe Syrien   ‚ÄĘ Medansvar for [...]

We don’t want walls anywhere

Wall # 1 - ¬© Jan Oberg 2015   The UN Charter states clearly: ‚ÄĘ The equal rights of men and women‚ÄĘ The equal rights of nations large and small‚ÄĘ The norm to bring about peace by peaceful means The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states clearly: ‚ÄĘ The norm that all human beings are [...]

Don’t underestimate Donald Trump

Don't underestimate him, count him out or think he is crazy. NBC‚Äôs ‚ÄúMeet the Press‚ÄĚ half-hour interview with Donald Trump is interesting. He has passion and a very fast mind, he seems to have integrity in the sense that he cannot be bought for money by others and he doesn't mind having standpoints that conservative republicans [...]

Burundi’s crisis: Complacency, inaction or racism – or all of it?

There is no end, it seems, to diplomats and government representatives who "express concern", appeal, urge the parties to show restraint, warn, condemn etc. All words, no deeds. European leaders reaction is basically silence - while 16 Europeans killed in the office of Charlie Hebdo made them walk arms in arm in Paris. When I [...]

The Zionist lobby does it again – and again

This is the second posting today on this issue...Please support Jake Lynch, a TFF Associate, from being sacked because of his solidarity with Palestine and SIGN this: Open letter to University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor:"Dr Spence, reject calls to punish Palestine-justice supporters"Sydney Staff for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (Sign after the list of signatures and before [...]

Yet another attack by Zionists on academic freedom

Medialens tells us that the Zionist lobby does it again! Are we surprised?Oh yes, when was it last all Western leaders praised freedom of expression by walking through Paris? Will even one of them now stand up and demand that this conference be held anyhow? What is it the West's academic community boats about in [...]

Hvordan skal vi reagere på voldelige angreb i Danmark?

Der er nok s√• meget "at komme efter" i det officielle Danmarks m√•de at m√łde politisk vold p√•. Det skriver jeg om h√©r i R√¶son. Der er g√•et en rum tid og den v√¶rste hysteri har lagt sig; det skulle kunne fremme en mere relevant og √¶rlig diskussion end den, der handler om at Danmark [...]

P1 Debats politiske tilrettelæggelse omkring missilforsvaret

De fleste mennesker, der lytter til radio eller ser TV, t√¶nker n√¶ppe s√• meget over hvad der ogs√• kunne v√¶re foreg√•et og med hvilke deltagere. De ser et f√¶rdigt produkt, ikke processen - og de tager, nok s√• forst√•eligt, stilling til det de ser og h√łrer snarere end til noget andet, de i en forestillingsverden [...]

Like we use Islamism – why not USism

War with Iran is probably our best option - The Washington PostBy Joshua Muravchik - one of the extremist neo-cons influencing U.S. foreign policy. Hardly one argument backed up by facts here. The professor advocates a series of violations of international law. He thinks it is fine to kill people and cause regime change. Two [...]

The Saudi Arabia – Sweden row

Saudi Arabia recalled envoy to Sweden amid diplomatic row - YouTube video with Iranian PressTV. I comment on the Sweden-Saudi Aabia conflict, points out that it is good that Sweden introduces some ethical consideration but that it lacks a positive vision in Swedish foreign policy. Certainly Saudi Arabia - now the world's largest arms importer [...]

The military game between NATO and Russia – it is dangerous and not in our name!

My interview with RT, Russia Today - This military build up is not in our name !! While we speak there is a huge military exercise in Northern Norway - a NATO member, Joint Viking. There is NATO's Atlantic Resolve in the Baltic region (see interesting maps on the link). There are smaller ones in [...]

Operation Atlantic Resolve – Europeans wake up!

Operation Atlantic ResolveLook at the map on this link with all NATO's military "events" around Russia, planned from the Baltic Republics to Georgia - exactly what President Clinton started out on in 1993. Aren't we grateful for the U.S. commitment to security in Europe? NO! This is uniquely stupid if you believe, really believe, that [...]

What the War on Terror Has Wrought: More terrorism

What the War on Terror Has Wrought: More TerrorismMy text for TFF PressInfo re-prited in CounterPunch - a "popular political sources in America, with a keen following in Washington" (The Observer). I'm proud to be re-printed there!TFF PressInfos are spread all over the place. You can get them by e-mail: write to PressInfo@transnational.org TFF PressInfo [...]

I am not a Dane: Short open letter

My short open letter concerning the horrific attacks in Copenhagen in the weekend and the official reaction to them.http://ow.ly/JdIgI - Share if you find it meaningful.Thanks! Prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt