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“Shadow World” – on your tax money

I’ve felt deeply touched by Johan Grimonprez’ brilliant and frightening documentary “Shadow World” which is based on Andrew Feinstein’s book with the same name.

I want to share it with my readers and here is all about the book and the movie. It was shown in November 2016 by Swedish Television with Swedish text but is due to be taken down a couple of month later.


It will help you understand US foreign policy, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and all the rest in 90 minutes.

You may of course choose to put your head in the sand and avoid it thinking of such things.

But it’s this criminal system that will shape our – your! – future and end freedom, democracy, development, international law, security and peace as we have come to know it…

  • that is, if you don’t join hands with millions around the word and do something about it.

And all you probably do about it at the moment is to enable it to be even more destructive.

Because it is all based on your tax money.



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