Open letter to Nordea Bank concerning the sanctions on Iran

Open letter to Nordea Bank concerning the sanctions on Iran

September 29, 2019 By Jan Oberg IntroBelow please find a letter I wrote more than 3 months ago to the Nordic bank, Nordea - present in roughly 20 countries around the world.Since then, I have been waiting for an answer, but none has arrived. I believe it should have been possible for Chairman of the [...]

√Öbent brev til minister St√łjberg: Rejs til Somalia sammen med dem, De vil udvise

Lund, 17. december 2018 Til udl√¶ndings- og integrationsminister Inger St√łjberg Jeg ser idag - med bestyrtelse - p√• at De har til hensigt at sende omkring 1000 somalier hjem til Somalia. Underoverskriften lyder: "If√łlge Udl√¶ndingestyrelsen er der sikkert nok i Somalia til at rejse tilbage. S√• det skal de g√łre, siger ministeren." Jeg kender [...]

Svenska försvarsmaktens desinformation

F√∂rsvarsminister Peter Hultqvist och √ĖB Micael Byd√©n skriver p√• DN Debatt om "Risk f√∂r desinformation om milit√§r√∂vningen Aurora" Och det √§r d√• just vad de sj√§lva sysslar med. Inte ett ord om att det kr√§vs tv√• till att konflikta med varandra. Inte ett ord om NATO:s expansion stick i st√§v med givna l√∂ften till Gorbachev. [...]

May 1: Where are the workers in the struggle for peace? Nowhere it seems!

Discussing NATO with a former U.S. Ass. Sec. of Defence

A 30 min debate about NATO, Ukraine, Crimea, Yugoslavia, Syria the eternal enemy images and the - obsolete - philosophy on which NATO builds. Time for something new, I argue in the debate with former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defence under Reagon, Mr. Lawrence J. Korb who at the time was in command of 70% [...]

“Shadow World” – on your tax money

I've felt deeply touched by Johan Grimonprez' brilliant and frightening documentary "Shadow World" which is based on Andrew Feinstein's book with the same name. I want to share it with my readers and here is all about the book and the movie. It was shown in November 2016 by Swedish Television with Swedish text but is due to [...]

“Peace, Conflict, Democracy”

The West leaves, a multi-polar world comes Jan √ėberg - Video lecture - Part 1/3

NATO’s confrontational policy

On June 15, 2016 I participated in a discussion with Mike O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institution on CCTV America - China's international TV station in the U.S. with up to 75 million viewers. The discussion was lead by Anand Naidoo.You can watch it here.

If the EU becomes a criminal Union some don’t want you to know

For instance EU and other Western mainstream media. But we are getting out! The European Union is about to sign an agreement with non-EU Turkey to get rid of a large part of its refugees - by paying around ‚ā¨ 6 bn to Turkey. Amnesty International and many others have pointed out - in strong [...]

Sweden soon at war? Yes, perhaps, if in NATO

It was a few days ago when Swedish Army chief, Major-General Anders Brännström stated in a (leaked) internal document that 'Sweden could be at war within a few years.' This is, of course, nothing but 'fearology' and very bad judgement. He may be a great soldier but a victim of his own system's bizarre threat [...]

Frågor till Morgan Johansson

Till Morgan Johansson (S) med anledning av dina kommentarer i Dagens Nyheter 28:e januari 2016:   Har du och regeringen g√•tt helt i panik, slutat t√§nka och f√∂rs√∂ka bed√∂ma vad som kommer att h√§nda fram√∂ver??   "Vi m√•ste √§ven f√• l√§nder att ta emot sina medborgare", s√§ger migrationsminiser Morgan Johansson. Vilken v√§rld levar han i? [...]

We don’t want walls anywhere

Wall # 1 - ¬© Jan Oberg 2015   The UN Charter states clearly: ‚ÄĘ The equal rights of men and women‚ÄĘ The equal rights of nations large and small‚ÄĘ The norm to bring about peace by peaceful means The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states clearly: ‚ÄĘ The norm that all human beings are [...]

The alleged Russian sub was a civilian plastic boat. And. . . ?

Swedish Admiral Admits 'Russian Submarine' Was Actually Civilian Boat" ‚ÄĘ The Moscow Times One wonders how many Swedes were seduced to believe that this was a Russian thing? And how many million dollars that search cost - and what effect such a "mistaken" photo had in terms of strengthening the Swedish military, increasing the budget [...]

The Nordic defence ministers letter isn’t helpful at all

Stubb and Tuomioja rush to reassure after Russian statement: ‚ÄúNothing to worry about‚ÄĚ | To old-fashioned politics, security is still predominantly about weapons, military activities and "signalling". It's not about dialogue, human security and quickly opening up areas of co-operation which could help bring about mutual understanding. One way of interpreting this Nordic defence [...]

The Saudi Arabia – Sweden row

Saudi Arabia recalled envoy to Sweden amid diplomatic row - YouTube video with Iranian PressTV. I comment on the Sweden-Saudi Aabia conflict, points out that it is good that Sweden introduces some ethical consideration but that it lacks a positive vision in Swedish foreign policy. Certainly Saudi Arabia - now the world's largest arms importer [...]

Olof Palme – murdered today 29 years

Olof Palme - murdered today 29 years ago ‚ÄĘ Wikipedia A politician who willed a better society, to whom politics was a calling - working for justice, international law, nuclear disarmament, against big countries bullying small countries, a person who made Sweden stand ut. Then. And it was the Palme Commission on Common Security that [...]

Global Chilling: The Impact of Mass Surveillance on International Writers

Just published by PEN in the US: Global Chilling: The Impact of Mass Surveillance on International WritersThis is deeply disturbing: "Concern about surveillance is now nearly as high among writers living in democracies (75%) as among those living in non-democracies (80%).The levels of self-censorship reported by writers living in democratic countries are approaching the levels [...]

Interview with RT International

Jan Oberg interview with RT International on rise of islamophobia in SwedenA slightly different perspective from what you generally hear again and again: everybody coming to Sweden is a burden.We have to stop this nonsense and stop the Swedish Democrats from getting away with it!

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