Set Julian Assange free and investigate the suspicious procedures of Swedish authorities

An alert about UN torture rapporteur, Nils Melzer’s absolutely essential investigation and its shocking findings

I want to alert you to an extremely important conversation in Swedish and English last Sunday, November 21, 2021.

The two discussants were the UN Special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, and former editor-in-chief of Dagens Nyheter, Arne Ruth, and the occasion was the publishing of Melzer’s absolutely path-breaking book, “Fallet Julian Assange. En historia om forföljelse” from Karneval Förlag – a Swedish edition of his German book (to be published in English by Verso Books in February 2022).

This 95 minutes conversation in Stockholm – see below – is an intense, compact tour de horizon of themes such as democracy, human rights, legal processes, intelligence services, misconduct, sex, rape, persecution, psychological torture, the assumed lawful state and the erosion of ideals and principles pertaining to these themes in Sweden, the UK and the United States.

And it is about whistleblowing as essential for freedom in general and freedom of expression in particular. It is also one long painful revelation of how the assumed ‘free’ mainstream media have abdicated their role as the fourth estate.

Further – in terms of interpretative priority – it’s about four complex aspects or “Schwerpunkten:”

1) Julian Assange – the man accused of sexual misconduct/rape in Stockholm. Who can know and will we ever know?

2) What normal and extraordinary legal – and political – procedures were applied in his case by the Swedish government and authorities – and with what motivation?

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3) What happened to the focus on the core issue of the horrific war crimes that Assange and Wikileaks published, perfectly legally?

4) What roles did the media play in terms of facts versus narratives?

And, most difficult of all:

5) How are these four elements of the wider Assange case related to each other?

In the near future, I’ll publish a review of Melzer’s book while also taking the book (in Swedish) by one of the two women, Anne Ardin, into account, “I Skuggan av Assange,”(In the Shadow of Assange) which was published in January this year.

When you have watched the conversation below, I hope you will go to the “Set Julian Free” homepage that gives a lot of background and documentation and then sign the petition here in support of Assange’s release.

Please beware that, in January this year, the legal authorities in London decided to follow the US stance that he ought to be prosecuted in the US but that Julian Assange’s health situation was such that he could not be transferred and that the risk was high that he might commit suicide. Thus, he is still held in the Belmarsh Prison.

If there in his cell his health should improve against all odds, he is likely to be extradited to the US and die in a cell there since the charges against him translate into a 175-year sentence. Alternatively, his health and resilience may, over time, deteriorate further and cause his death.

Addendum 27:e november 2021

If you believe you know the truth about Julian Assange, the allegations about ‘rape’, his visit to Stockholm in 2010 and the Swedish legal authorities’ processing of his case would do wise to see Malou Sivers’ excellent interview – in English – with Nils Melzer done on November 18, 2021 – it starts about 25 min into the program.

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Den som tror sig veta sanningen om Julian Assange, anklagelserna mot honom för sexövergrepp, hans vistelse i Stockholm 2010 och det juridiska systemets beteende sedan bör se Malou Sivers’ intervju med prof Nils Melzer den 18:e november med början 25 min in i programmet.

Tryck här – intervjun börja ungefär 25 min in i programmet.


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