On entering 2023

In case you expect a kind of celebrative champagne toast-like text here, my apology at the outset. For me, this is a very different


A happier, less violent 2020

December 30, 2019 Each and every problem humanity faces is rooted in violence. Why do so many continue believing in violence, the most counter-productive,


Peace illiteracy

And why I am switching balances from the most noble and important – but momentarily meaningless – job to something more rewarding… February 1,


Genialt af Skovgaard Museet

Det er genialt af Skovgaard Museet at bevidst fravælge islamofobiens kendemærker og dermed marginalisere dens tilhængere. Debatten om Muhammed-tegningerne handler jo ikke om ytringsfrihed


The Meaninglessness of War: Aleppo

Here my 6th photo series from Aleppo – hashtag #keepfocusonaleppo. 

Lund, Sweden – March 24, 2017

 Can the almost total destruction of Eastern Aleppo


On Trump endorsing torture

Human rights is not my field but we have to speak up against Trump’s personal endorsement of it. This is nothing new, the US


Faces of Aleppo

Fourth photo story from Aleppo: “Faces of Aleppo. Just out of 4,5 years of occupation hell” January 25, 2017 Unique photos from Eastern Aleppo


“Shadow World” – on your tax money

I’ve felt deeply touched by Johan Grimonprez’ brilliant and frightening documentary “Shadow World” which is based on Andrew Feinstein’s book with the same name. I

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