On Trump endorsing torture

Human rights is not my field but we have to speak up against Trump’s personal endorsement of it. This is nothing new, the US has used it all the time.

But isn’t it tragic that almost 70 years after torture was prohibited in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we see 141 countries still using torture – according to Amnesty International.

Here my short comment on Iran’s PressTV



2 responses to “On Trump endorsing torture

  1. Jan is right. The US is an extremely violent country with an unbearably violent history. The US empire most likely will not survive.

  2. Many thanks, James Williamson. As a person who has never been anti-American but always anti-empire, I hope the American Republic will survive. It will, in my view, be better both for the Americans and for the world.
    You may see some exploratory thought on this in this article here
    My best – Jan

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