TFF PressInfo # 638 – September 11: What the US should have done instead of starting history’s dumbest war

TFF PressInfo # 638 – September 11: What the US should have done instead of starting history’s dumbest war

© Jan Oberg 2021 Lund, Sweden, September 11, 2021 After 20 years, mainstream media still only focus on the suffering of the United States and never on the victims of the response to 9/11: The US Global War On Terror. It's simply disgraceful. Dear friend, There is all reason to commemorate the 2977 fellow human [...]

Afghanistan-fiaskoen som bagtæppe for våbenkonference i Aalborg

Afghanistan-fiaskoen som bagtæppe for våbenkonference i Aalborg

"Kill, kill, kill for peace...!" (Tuli Kupferberg) Arbejderen er naturligvis den eneste,der mener at den h√©r slags nyheder ogs√• er v√¶rd at bringe. Tak for det! Afghanistan - den forudsigelige v√•ben- og krigsfiasko - m√• da danne et fint bagt√¶ppe til denne messe: V√•ben er nyttige, neutrale og kan l√łse alle politiske og samfundsm√¶ssige problemer, [...]

USAs og Danmarks nederlag i Afghanistan

USAs og Danmarks nederlag i Afghanistan

En kommentar og nogle eksempler på hvor galt det står til med Danmarks Radios dækning (1) Det officielle Danmark - danske regeringer, ministre, folketingsmedlemmer og mange andre - er medansvarlig for hver eneste af de forbrydelser og de lidelser, krigen mod Afghanistan har indebåret siden 7. oktober 2001. De er sket efter at Danmark, i [...]

TFF’s Xinjiang Report analysis on China’s CCTV

TFF’s Xinjiang Report analysis on China’s CCTV

Or - it isn't every day you address several hundred million people The TFF report ‚ÄúThe Xinjiang Genocide Determination As Agenda‚ÄĚ has reached more people in more countries than virtually anything else we have produced the last few years. That is, outside the West, in Asia in general and in China in particular. All leading [...]

Puk Damsgaard, kildefusk og DR’s amerikaniserede verdenbillede

Puk Damsgaard, kildefusk og DR’s amerikaniserede verdenbillede

23. januar 2020 Den 3. januar fortalte DR's Mellem√łstenkorespondent, Puk Damsgaard, at den iranske "skyggegeneral" Soleimani, der netop var blevet likvideret i Bagdads lufthavn p√• ordre af pr√¶sident Trump selv, havde tusindvis af amerikanske soldaters blod p√• sine h√¶nder. Klik p√• linket ovenfor - og s√• opdager du at jeg skriver tusindvis men at artiklens [...]

Main creator of terrorism is US war on terror, not terrorists

Jan Oberg Comment A US war game/scenario being reported by The Intercept is pretty revealing for the lack of even the slightest re-thinking of what the Global War On Terror (GWOT) is really all about. The US military's game is about violence-for-violence, tit-for-tat. The main result from this - anti-intellectual - attitude and policy is [...]

How many Americans has al-Assad killed?

I read dozens of articles every day about various conflict zones, commentaries, war reports and - the few times it happens - possibilities of peace. I read about Syria in particular as I have since I visited Damascus and Aleppo in December 2016. It's important that one does not, over time, develop the disease called [...]

Intellectual nonsense about Syria

There should be a lower intellectual level to the statements by a US Secretary of Defence. There should be a debunking of the unethical behaviour that repeatedly state that there is only a political solution to Syria and continue to use only violence. There should be a discussion about international law here. There should be [...]

The future of U.S.-Europe relations

"The Debate" with Jim Walsh, MIT and Jan Oberg, TFF Lund, Sweden ‚Äď May 30, 2017 Last night ‚ÄúThe Debate‚ÄĚ on PressTV was devoted to the future of European-US relations in the wake of the NATO Summit, President Trump‚Äôs words and omissions and the ‚Äď historic ‚Äď words, in particular, of Chancellor Angela Merkel immediately [...]

Discussing Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Here I am with my friends Donald, Bibi, Sara and Melania... And speak a little about the stupidity of scapegoating Iran for everything, of giving Saudi Arabia even more weapons - and being bribed by it - of creating the preconditions for more warfare and about the fact that NATO is setting up shop in [...]

What foreign policy if the US had no weapons?

Just a thought...

Iran on nuclear deal and nuclear-free Middle East

I had the pleasure and honour to comment on the Iranian defence minister's views on the nuclear deal, on a nuclear-free Middle East, terrorism and more.

Syria – two perspectives illustrated

"The Debate" of April 16, 2017 on Iran's PressTV between Richard Millett and myself is important to me. I think it will be for you too in the sense of clarifying two approaches and positions on Syria. Its focus is on the difference in media coverage of the terrible events in Khan Seykhoun and al-Rashideen [...]

The US/NATO confrontation with Russia is dangerous

TFF LiveApril 12, 2017 The secretaries of state, Tillerson and Lavrov meet today. We seem to enter a stage of what must appropriately be perceived as a frosty new Cold War. In the worst of cases this can lead to a new Cuban Missile Crisis. God forbid!

“Vittnesrapport fr√•n Aleppo, en annorlunda konfliktanalys och v√§gar till fred i Syrien”

Videoinspelning av Jan √Ėbergs f√∂redrag i Stockholm februari 2017 Inspelningen √§r uppdelad i tv√• delar: Del 1: Vittnesrapport fr√•n Aleppo60 min. Del 2: Debatt och v√§gar till fred i Syrien45 min. Bakgrund10-14:e december 2016 vistades Jan √Ėberg i Aleppo. Med sin unika erfarenhet fr√•n staden ifr√•gas√§tter han den g√§ngse massmediarapporteringen, argumenterar f√∂r ett nytt s√§tt [...]

I wonder about Aleppo…

By Jan Oberg I shot this simple video out of the window on December 13, 2016. I wonder about Aleppo and say #keepfocusonaleppo © Jan Oberg 2016 Here in the Sheikh Najjar Industrial City outside Aleppo lived and worked 40,000 people. It had 50% of Syria's industrial capacity. Today - after the occupation by [...]

On Trump endorsing torture

Human rights is not my field but we have to speak up against Trump's personal endorsement of it. This is nothing new, the US has used it all the time. But isn’t it tragic that almost 70 years after torture was prohibited in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we see 141 countries still using [...]

From Obama to Trump

Commenting with David Swanson, leading and sharp peace intellectual, on the inauguration of Trump - also about the legacy of Barrack Obama. For Iran's international PressTV. Posted on TFF's blog.

The little girl from Eastern Aleppo

New year's night, January 1, 2017 This girl had come out of Eastern Aleppo after four dark years of occupation by Western-backed terrorists - too many to name. People who for no reason had destroyed her home, her part of that beautiful city. Perhaps half of her life living in fear, perhaps having lost family members. [...]

U.S. nuclear policies – two world views

Last night I had the opportunity to discuss nuclear weapons with an experienced,  high-ranking security analyst who has been both a military, a scholar, an assistant secretary of defence, presidential adviser, a corporate man and now a think tank member, Lawrence J. Korb. We were discussing the issues touched upon in this and this article. I would [...]