To nye artikler p√• “The Transnational” – Corona og de amerikanske sanktioner mod Iran og enorm milit√¶r√łvelse midt i Corona-Europa

17.marts 2020 K√¶re l√¶serven! Jeg n√•r ikke altid at poste min artikler fra vores stiftelses hjemmeside, The Transnational, h√©r. Det kr√¶ver tid - som jeg ofte ikke har - at kopiere tekster, redigere, l√¶gge billeder ind og g√łre andre ting, ting som du nok ikke t√¶nker p√• n√•r du blot l√¶ser medmindre du da selv [...]

Open letter to Nordea Bank concerning the sanctions on Iran

Open letter to Nordea Bank concerning the sanctions on Iran

September 29, 2019 By Jan Oberg IntroBelow please find a letter I wrote more than 3 months ago to the Nordic bank, Nordea - present in roughly 20 countries around the world.Since then, I have been waiting for an answer, but none has arrived. I believe it should have been possible for Chairman of the [...]

Stop USAs fortsatte √łkonomiske terror mod Irans folk

Stop USAs fortsatte √łkonomiske terror mod Irans folk

17. april 2019 Forestil dig at der i Europa eller USA i 3 uger have v√¶ret en katastrofe i form af omfattende oversv√łmmelser. 28 af 31 provinser var ramt, 10 millioner p√•virkede. Ganske vist var f√¶rre end 100 mennesker d√łde men der var mange s√•rede og resultaterne af de metertykke vand- og lermasser ville f√• [...]

Iran respekterer atomaftalen – USA g√łr det ikke

11. februar 2019 Idag er det 40 år siden millioner af iranere med sine demonstrationer afsatte Shahen af Iran og den islamiske revolution overtog magten. Det kan man have mange meninger om - og derfor har TFF idag udsendt en analyse af Dr. Farhang Jahanpour - Iran At Crossroads On 40th Anniversary of Its Islamic [...]

New sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea

Does the U.S. have anything constructive and benign to offer the world anymore?In this comment on PressTV I list a series of arguments against these new sanctions which were passed by the US Senate two days later.

“Vittnesrapport fr√•n Aleppo, en annorlunda konfliktanalys och v√§gar till fred i Syrien”

Videoinspelning av Jan √Ėbergs f√∂redrag i Stockholm februari 2017 Inspelningen √§r uppdelad i tv√• delar: Del 1: Vittnesrapport fr√•n Aleppo60 min. Del 2: Debatt och v√§gar till fred i Syrien45 min. Bakgrund10-14:e december 2016 vistades Jan √Ėberg i Aleppo. Med sin unika erfarenhet fr√•n staden ifr√•gas√§tter han den g√§ngse massmediarapporteringen, argumenterar f√∂r ett nytt s√§tt [...]

Discussing NATO with a former U.S. Ass. Sec. of Defence

A 30 min debate about NATO, Ukraine, Crimea, Yugoslavia, Syria the eternal enemy images and the - obsolete - philosophy on which NATO builds. Time for something new, I argue in the debate with former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defence under Reagon, Mr. Lawrence J. Korb who at the time was in command of 70% [...]

Faces of Aleppo

Fourth photo story from Aleppo: "Faces of Aleppo. Just out of 4,5 years of occupation hell" January 25, 2017 Unique photos from Eastern Aleppo in Syria when it was finally liberated on December 11-12, 2016. The people you see here have just come out to freedom from 4,5 years of the occupation by what can [...]

Klummer i “Arbejderen”

Arbejderen er Danmarks eneste avis, der giver udenrigs- og globalpolitik en rimelig stor d√¶kning i forhold til andre stofomr√•der og samtidig forholder sig kritisk til de dele af dansk udenrigspolitik, der g√•r voldens vej. Derfor har jeg det fint med at v√¶re columnist p√• Arbejderen. Og den seneste klumme skrev jeg p√• min rundrejse i Iran og den handler [...]

De udvalgte fås lidelser i stedet for medmenneskelighed og forsoning?

Statsminister Lars l√łkke Rasmussen udtaler om det grusomme angreb i Nice: "Vi er alle blevet ramt. Attentatet er ikke blot et angreb p√• Frankrig. Det er et klart angreb p√• de v√¶rdier, der danner grundlag for vores samfund." Det kan v√¶re at han har ret, men alligevel: Hvordan kan han vide det f√• timer efter at [...]

Fearology and militarism – But the real enemy is us

Published on July 8, 2016, the day of the NATO Summit in Warsaw. It‚Äôs the 5th in the TFF Series ‚ÄúThe New Cold War‚ÄĚ Russia and NATO have offensive capacities and MIMACs (Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex) but NATO‚Äôs is a much larger potential threat to Russia than the other way around Why does an alliance with such [...]

“Peace, Conflict, Democracy”

The West leaves, a multi-polar world comes Jan √ėberg - Video lecture - Part 1/3

At lifting most of the sanctions on Iran

Congratulations to Iran - people, leadership and brilliant negotiation team under the leadership of foreign minister Javad Zarif.But then I criticise that the US Treasury imposed new sanctions the day after - on Sunday January 17 - and I argue that it is a sign of weakness and that the friends of the U.S. should [...]

Comments to the Iran nuclear deal on RT, Russia Today

Kindly chosen this morning to be the first commentator on RT - the world's third largest after CNN and Al Jazeera with an estimated 700 million audience: I'd be happy if you share it!

“Congratulations and thank you, Iran!”

With the breaking news on the nuclear deal announced today - undoubtedly a piece of world history - I wrote up TFF PressInfo # 329 with the above title. It's written, as others before it on this issue, with an emphasis on the characteristics of this conflict that is both obvious and never mentioned: the [...]

Iran nuclear achievement “victory for civilization”

My comments to Iran's PressTV in the morning of July 14, before the nuclear deal with Iran was announced. This is a taped interview with a summary text: “This is a triumph for talks, for diplomacy, for dialogue instead of warfare and it is an important movement for the world not only for Iran or [...]

If so, let the U.S. isolate itself

Iran says nuclear deal depends on lifting of sanctions | Reuters This is a timely reminder to those who believe the Iran nuclear deal can be reduced to and hinges upon the deal between Congress and Obama. Says Iranian President Rouhani: "We are in talks with the major powers and not with the Congress," Rouhani [...]

Ignoring May 9 in Russia – another Western conflict-management blunder

The Guardian reports that Western top leaders are going to snub the commemoration in Moscow of the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Victory over Hitler Germany - on May 9. That they don't want to attend a huge military parade is quite understandable, neither would I. But remembering the more than 20 million Russians who [...]

Comments to Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

Today Charles Krauhammer - a well-known extreme rightist usually advocating war - writes in the Washington Post under the headline "The Iran deal: The anatomy of a disaster". My comments under the article goes: The day Mr. Krauthammer will write about‚ÄĘ sanctions on Israel for its nuclear weapons and international law violations;‚ÄĘ anytime/anywhere inspections in [...]