Today Charles Krauhammer – a well-known extreme rightist usually advocating war – writes in the Washington Post under the headline “The Iran deal: The anatomy of a disaster”.

My comments under the article goes:

The day Mr. Krauthammer will write about
• sanctions on Israel for its nuclear weapons and international law violations;
• anytime/anywhere inspections in all nuclear weapons countries including Israel (does he really believe that any country in the world would accept that?)
• the relentless attempts at regional dominance by the U.S. and also look at Israel’s and Saudi-Arabia’s ambitions (i.e. apply a minimum of fairness),
• how and why Iran’s status of non-nuclear country promotes a nuclear arms race more than the only nuclear weapons power in the region…
– I for one would think Krauthammer was interesting to read.

Now he repeats himself, doesn’t do analysis or real commentary but promotes Iranophobia (has he recently visited the country he has such negative views about?).

It’s all sadly indicative of the real purpose – not nuclear issues but keeping Iran down forever. If we in the West are getting isolated, not Iran – perhaps he should ask what the reasons could be?

It would be great and promote honest debate if Mr. Krauthammer could write about these issues and reveal a willingness and intellectual capability to connect dots and apply a comprehensive analysis of the issues and the region.

Interesting too?  If so, let the U.S. isolate itself


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