Verdens gang de sidste 50 år og de næste 50 år

Verdens gang de sidste 50 år og de næste 50 år

15. september 2019 50 √•rs jubilar-tale holdt p√• Aarhus Katedralskole den 28. juni 2019 K√¶re studenter og √łvrige elever - nuv√¶rende og tidligere l√¶rere - k√¶re rektor, jubilarer og alle andre! Tak fordi jeg m√• komme tilbage til vores skole idag og sige lidt om verdens fremtid. Man skal jo sp√•, is√¶r om fremtiden. Jeg [...]

Nuclear weapons states are terrorist states and these weapons are indefensible

Nuclear weapons states are terrorist states and these weapons are indefensible

August 6, 2019 - Hiroshima Day Thought you might like to see a discussion I participated in at the invitation of PressTV in - non-nuclear - Iran. And, like me, you may have wondered why the Western world's mainstream media largely ignore Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day? Well, I have a nasty mind: Because someone has [...]

NATO at 70: An unlawful organisation with serious psychological problems

NATO at 70: An unlawful organisation with serious psychological problems

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO, celebrated its 70th Anniversary on April 4, 2019. Some of us don’t see anything worth celebrating about an incredibly expensive, dangerous and harmful alliance which should have been closed down exactly 30 years ago. Why 30 years ago? Because in 1989, the First Cold War in the Western sphere [...]

Peace illiteracy

Peace illiteracy

And why I am switching balances from the most noble and important - but momentarily meaningless - job to something more rewarding... February 1, 2019 Just yesterday, I posted this extremely important and modest appeal - the Basel Appeal - on our foundation's homepage, The Transnational, here. It was disseminated to social media, among others, [...]

Readying B-52 bombers – for what?

Here is the background article. Funnily, or perhaps not so strange, there is some denial of this story too. Perhaps it wasn't intended that it should end up in the public domain? And here my comments to this ill-considered escalation.

Why NATO is obsolete – some arguments

Jan Oberg comments on NATO and the need for a much larger citizens-taxpayers movement against militarism since, for almost 70 years since 1949, NATO has failed miserably in creating the peace it says it aims at. In addition it is systematically violating its Treaty.

You’re invited to the Nuclear Denial Party

By Jan Oberg Lund, Sweden - Hiroshima Day, August 6, 2017 Welcome to the Nuclear Denial Party!! Since marketing, omitted and fake news have - to a worrying extent - replaced knowledge and ethics, why not celebrate that the media have omitted every mention of Hiroshima Day today? Why not celebrate that all the responsible [...]

The BAN Treaty – it’s significance and why some have isolated themselves from civilisation

A debate on PressTV between Jan Oberg and Jim Walsh, MIT Here is a link to a partial transcript

The future of U.S.-Europe relations

"The Debate" with Jim Walsh, MIT and Jan Oberg, TFF Lund, Sweden ‚Äď May 30, 2017 Last night ‚ÄúThe Debate‚ÄĚ on PressTV was devoted to the future of European-US relations in the wake of the NATO Summit, President Trump‚Äôs words and omissions and the ‚Äď historic ‚Äď words, in particular, of Chancellor Angela Merkel immediately [...]

May 1: Where are the workers in the struggle for peace? Nowhere it seems!

The US/NATO confrontation with Russia is dangerous

TFF LiveApril 12, 2017 The secretaries of state, Tillerson and Lavrov meet today. We seem to enter a stage of what must appropriately be perceived as a frosty new Cold War. In the worst of cases this can lead to a new Cuban Missile Crisis. God forbid!

Discussing NATO with a former U.S. Ass. Sec. of Defence

A 30 min debate about NATO, Ukraine, Crimea, Yugoslavia, Syria the eternal enemy images and the - obsolete - philosophy on which NATO builds. Time for something new, I argue in the debate with former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defence under Reagon, Mr. Lawrence J. Korb who at the time was in command of 70% [...]

From Obama to Trump

Commenting with David Swanson, leading and sharp peace intellectual, on the inauguration of Trump - also about the legacy of Barrack Obama. For Iran's international PressTV. Posted on TFF's blog.

Why on earth renew old sanctions on Iran?

It's destructive for all! It's difficult to see this as rational policy-making. It's more of an indication of the grumpy super-power feeling that it's losing influence and credibility. In addition, if this goes through it will only strengthen the hardliners in Iran and weaken the reformist circles.

“Shadow World” – on your tax money

I've felt deeply touched by Johan Grimonprez' brilliant and frightening documentary "Shadow World" which is based on Andrew Feinstein's book with the same name. I want to share it with my readers and here is all about the book and the movie. It was shown in November 2016 by Swedish Television with Swedish text but is due to [...]

U.S. nuclear policies – two world views

Last night I had the opportunity to discuss nuclear weapons with an experienced,  high-ranking security analyst who has been both a military, a scholar, an assistant secretary of defence, presidential adviser, a corporate man and now a think tank member, Lawrence J. Korb. We were discussing the issues touched upon in this and this article. I would [...]

The Clintons celebrated – but likely disastrous for the world

Hillary Rodham Clinton was nominated last night by the Democratic Party as its candidate for the U.S. Presidency. She may well win on November 8. What a tragedy for Western democracy that the leader of what is still called the free, democratic world cannot produce better candidates than Trump and Clinton through a disgustingly commercialized [...]