A 30 min debate about NATO, Ukraine, Crimea, Yugoslavia, Syria the eternal enemy images and the – obsolete – philosophy on which NATO builds.

Time for something new, I argue in the debate with former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defence under Reagon, Mr. Lawrence J. Korb who at the time was in command of 70% of Pentagon’s budget.

Here in TFF PressInfo # 403  is a little longer text about this debate and there is also a little about my experience and policy vis-a-vis the media.

Interesting too?  EU words, words and words on the Iran nuclear deal: What about action?


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  1. Jan

    “I’ve met attempts at manipulation and “editing” and censorship with a series of Western mainstream media, not the least in my native Denmark, but I have not experience any of that even once with Russia Today and PressTV.”

    Of course not. Every single word you have said on RT and PressTV bring the satisfied smiles out on the generals in Teheran, Moscow and Damascus.

  2. Thomas Andersen – I know that Jan is perfectly capable of replying to your comment on his own. Nevertheless i found your comment peculiar enough to respond.

    I find it strange that you are not at all addressing Jan Øberg’s claim, that he is experiencing censorship from Western mainstream media, in your comment.
    Your only claim is that “every single word he (Jan Øberg) has said on RT and PressTV is bringing the satisfied smiles out on the generals in Teheran, Moscow and Damascus”.
    Maybe Jan’s words are in fact bringing smiles to some generals faces, and maybe thet are not. Maybe Jan is being censored by Western media or maybe he’s not (I think he is, at least in Denmark since his perspective is almost non existing on for instance DR2’s Deadline)
    Nevertheless i think that your statement about why Jan is given airtime on PressTV is rather odd, since this exact debate on which you commented also had a man like Lawrence J. Korbs perspective. I am not convinced, that L. J. Korbs words are bringing smiles out on the generals faces in Teheran, Moscow or Damascus – are you…!?

  3. Dear Robert Keleman – many thanks for your comment. I myself found the argument strange also for the reason that what it does is to endorse censorship if you have analyses and views critical of the Western/NATO policies like I have.
    But Russia Today and PressTV bring in views of people from the West whereas mainstream Western media do not even take in Westerners like me (if I have the wrong story as I’ve had concerning Syria/Aleppo) or people from, say, Iran and Russia when they discuss these countries’ policies.
    Best – Jan

  4. Robert

    I have no idea if Jan think he is experiencing censorship from Western mainstream media or not.

    The only thing I can measure is what he is actually saying. And that is uniformly *exactly* what the Governments in Moscow, Teheran and Damascus wants to hear. Down to the last letter.

    So what you’ll ask? And fair enough – it’s Jan’s right. Unlike the dissidents in Teheran, Damascus and Moscow Jan can critizise his own governments without having to fear for his own life. And I suppose that comfortable thougth is what drives him.

    And of course, the benefit for us is that we don’t have to look around to find out what the official line in Moscow and Damascus is. Its right here.

  5. Dr Oberg provides a refreshingly honest alternative.

    Like it or not, his strong unqualified support for Vladimir Putin and Bashir Al Assad will worry all the right people. 🙂

  6. Dear Aedea Hussein – thanks for your appreciation. To be refreshing, honest and alternative is quite something. And I do my best, based on many years of knowledge-producing research to also say it aloud – you know I am independent in every sense of that word of both state and corporate funds. As for the second part, there is nothing in particular in this conversation that justifies what you say unless you operate within what I would call an outdated discourse.
    For reasons I am explaining here, I do not participate in this discourse anymore but try to promote a discussion/discourse which stand at least a small chance to lead to a meaningful discussion about the possibilities for peace. I’m sure you do not mean to and that you are deeply interested in peace – and for the Syrian people to stop being everybody’s victim – but this focus on individuals and violence is a dead-end.
    Here is what I work with instead – and when you have read it (if you choose to, it is long) you are welcome back. So click here: http://bit.ly/ifyouwantpeacedont
    My best – Jan

  7. Dear Jan Oberg
    I think that either you misunderstand me or that I misunderstand you. In both cases I apologize.

    My point was not to critizise you but to offer support for the view you have taken and strong support in favour of the Syrian Governments liberation of Aleppo. Support that has been noted and reported by the rightful and recognized Syrian Government.

    I think that the misunderstanding may be from the last line I wrote.

    I think that the misunderstanding may be from the last line I wrote. When I stated that your support for the Syrian Government would “will worry all the right people” I was referring to the terrorists and “rebels” and their supporters. The exact people that were crushed in Aleppo. Those people will hate you but in my book it is a badge of honor to be hated by them and be loved by patriotic and loyal Syrians. Your support is noted with apperciation.

  8. Haha dear Aedea Hussein – I’m sure the misunderstanding was indeed my fault too. Thanks for both your words and your explanation. I’m delighted if you think my writing and pictures have reached some Syrians and that my work is understood as a combined art and political statement with a human touch. That is lacking everywhere in the discussions about Syria and in Europe most people are battling each other about the “right” standpoint vis-a-vis the “regime” and seem to care little about both the Syrian civil society and the possibilities of stopping this terrible war and begin the journey toward peace and co-existence again.
    I’m going back to Syria soon to learn more…
    Best, Jan

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