On entering 2023

In case you expect a kind of celebrative champagne toast-like text here, my apology at the outset. For me, this is a very different


Nej till NATO!

“Nej till NATO” är en svensk folkrörelse, som du bör känna till om du har det minsta intresset för säkerhetsfrågor och fred. Den arbetar


STOP this Cold War on China !

Humanity faces huge challenges to its survival – climate change, development of a sustainable post-capitalism-development, militarism and nuclear weapons abolition, poverty eradication, democratising democracy,


U.S. Appparanoia

🆘 🇺🇸 The US spends US$ 720 billion – that is 720 000 000 000 – on its conventional and nuclear military. In reality


Peace illiteracy

And why I am switching balances from the most noble and important – but momentarily meaningless – job to something more rewarding… February 1,


The Meaninglessness of War: Aleppo

Here my 6th photo series from Aleppo – hashtag #keepfocusonaleppo. 

Lund, Sweden – March 24, 2017

 Can the almost total destruction of Eastern Aleppo