Ladies and Gentlemen – This is The American Way!

“Ladies and Gentlemen: This is self-destructive idiocy, militarism and offensiveness the American Way. This is how we make peace and become loved all over the world! This is how we lead NATO, our DEFENSIVE alliance! Amen!

And let us now sing in our Church of Militarism: “With God on our side”!

The new B-21 bomber debuts. These intellectual dwarfs are unable to see that this type of offensive deterrence weapon is fundamentally incompatible with peace and common security. And that such a weapon must look only aggressive and offensive to others, Russia, China, Iran etc.

The B-21 embodies everything that causes the decline and fall of the US Empire.

May it happen sooner than later!

In passing, if you make a search, you’ll find that lots of media have written about this new bomber – 99% of them as a celebration without criticism and, of course, without linking it to what it is made for: War, Death and Destruction in the service of the US and nobody else in this world.

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  1. Oh my god, it’s so scary listening to the enthusiastic B21 pilots. They are so thrilled with these technological wonders, obviously brainwashed to believe in the narrative they are told. Even mentioning “the nuclear option” when fighting the bad guys. Indeed, once innocent children but after many Years of militarized academic “stop thinking” indoctrination they are twisted into robots acting like hypnotized human machines only focused on becoming the best bomber pilot. We are ruled by technocrats and it’s heartbreaking to witness young people turned into useful idiots.

  2. A death-cults final wish will lead to their own death. Unfortunately, it will draw many innocent with it into the grave. Life have overcome these death-cults before – and will do so again …

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