What shall we call a state that lets its soldiers kill lots of innocent people without punishing even one?

Did you hear about it? See it on your Western prime time news?

Here is the heart-breaking report about “No US troops will be punished for deadly Kabul strike, Pentagon chief decides”

How many such cases have we just never heard of? Allegedly, over time thousands of people have been killed this way.

How would Western media have reacted if, say, Russia or China had committed such a crime and let it be OK – even told the world that killing ten innocent civilians by mistake in a country you have occupied and are therefore legally responsible for was not violating any law?

How would the US react if 10 innocent civilian Americans had been killed in another country?

Here is a video presentation of this U.S. scandal:

This is a state that pretends to be a global leader. A state that insists on teaching the world what human rights, democracy and justice is.

In my view, only a criminal state does this, not one that adheres to the rule of domestic law and of international law.

The tragedy is one thing. Treating it this way is to show utter contempt for its victims and their mourning loved ones.

The underlying systemic racism is conspicuous: Had an American policeman killed ten innocent Americans in the United States, s/he would be taken to court. Now it’s just “some locals” – Muslims. It’s only logical that the decision is communicated to the world by a black Secretary of “Defence”.

But of course, this is what the US implies when, systematically, it talks about a “rules-based international order,” and thereby say that it couldn’t care less about international law, the UN Charter, the Geneva Conventions. It’s one set of rules for the US and another set for the others.

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A leader is supposed also to be a model for those s/he leads. This is no longer possible with the self-appointed and – fortunately – increasingly unwanted leader by the name of the United States of America.

“America, you are too arrogant!” – said Martin Luther King Jr.

If you think it is important to keep pointing out such criminal activity that goes basically unnoticed in the media, please let me see it here. Thanks!


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