Nancy Pelosi, Taiwan and the changing world order

Right after US House Speaker Mme Nancy Pelosi, had landed in Taipei, Taiwan, on August 2, 2022, I was asked by Russia Today (RT) to comment on that tension-increasing event. It was a news program, but thanks to the excellent questions raised by Rory Suchet, the very knowledgeable anchor at the desk, we got an unusual 15 min conversation out of it.

Delightful! – I would add, not the least compared with some media people I’ve come across in the Western/Scandinavian mainstream press.

If, for some reason, you can’t see it, use this link instead.

Interesting too?  And the anti-China accusation industry show must go on


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  1. this muse is like a hover
    if you are not a mouse, you should be amused

    if you¬īre afraid
    watch out where the hairy flies
    ( pelosi = latin = hairy, means 1) hair/fur or 2) dangerous/nerve-racking )

    maybe she flies like long hair in the wind,
    the longer the hair, the less the will of its own,
    – finally left only with the choice
    the wind does

    – a weak mind blowing in the air,
    like only the wind decides

    maybe cold from the white freecing north,
    or hot air, from a sinking and wrinkled balloon


    ” forgive her, for she knows not –
    don¬īt forgive her, for she knows ”


  2. If I respect the human, I will be respected. If I love the human, I will be loved. If I destroy the human, I will be destroyed. For I am a human.

    ( Ethnologist Werner Jacobsen, 1965 )

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