December 26, 2019

It’s something about their eyes – and not only that they are reading.

It’s something about the main celebration – the longest sequence – of the military, armed forces, police and all in law enforcement, all in uniform and all around the world.

It’s something about soldiers being shown when the word “peace” is mentioned.

It’s something about that flag on his lapel and the American flag-coloured outfit.

It’s something about the underlying theme of goodness versus evil – America represented by the Red Cross.

It’s something about giving aid rather than creating the good society where nobody needs aid.

It’s something about not saying anything about the future but seeing only six days ahead, visionlessly.

It’s something about these two having no contact with each other, joylessly.

It’s something about their fixed, starry gaze that reveals that they don’t speak from their hearts but perform their role.

Yes, what is that something?

See and listen here to The First Lady’s speech to the armed forces.

Interesting too?  Danmark og Vesten kan åbenbart ikke leve uden fjendebilleder: Gå til en psykiater!


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  1. Well true what You say, dear mr Oberg – and a MERRY XMAS to You all ! ..a thought did `strike me´: Ours western civilisation keeps the value/ideal of FREEDOM ..(individual civil rights as freedom of speech,as the right to dignity, the right to settle and travel and work (make money..) as one of its highest values.. And this basic value creates social wealth.. Historically , since the formulation of the USA constitution in 1776, is the value of individual libertyrights (and duties by it..) very linked up to the concepts of social wealth. And social wealth , as created by work and industrial productions (for civil consume) .. was embedded in sciences and in diverse economic ideas of “unlimited growth”.
    But: Since the researchs of the “CLUB OF ROME” in begin of the 70´s is it more and more obvious, that our world is limited in its ressources, as limited in its potentials of renewable ressources !
    And now is a weird global ecological and a mysterious , chaotic climatechange crisis happening , which already seems irreversible ! The historic civilisatoric basic value of FREEDOMS for social wealth and “unlimited consume” of industrial produced goods shows to support this crisis. The value of FREEDOM implies the right to social wealth.. and is commonly seen as sort of human right – to consume, to buy goods and things.. and to use them, sell them, or to throw them into the garbage.- . People buy a SUV as a SUV represents to them the ideal of FREEDOM !
    And the cosyness of FREEDOMS to consume is a privilege of citizens in wealthy nations , proclaimed by economists..
    carried out by industrial production , protected by military..
    Of course do wealthy nations of FREEDOMS in CONSUME do desire , to keep its social lifestyles and do by all means protect it.. If by laws, politics, economic sanctions.. But? Is there evtlly (?) any historic logical mistake done, in the conception of links between the definitions of/for individual FREEDOMS and civil rights in relation to consume ? ..I mean the culture of consume and its ideologies create a weird scenario of greeds, antisolidarity and irresponsibilities globally!
    The limited nature ressources of ours planet create fears in the wealthy nations, fears that the standards of consume might drop.. FREEDOMS ideals get troubled ! It would be more responsible in terms of FREEDOM if nations invest 2% of its BNP into the U.N.O. and IPCC .. instead in military and potentials for war ! One world, one FREEDOM with responsibility… well…. (I think I said it.. ).

  2. It’s common knowledge their marriage is a sham, hence their behaviour. They have been enemies for a long time.

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