September 3, 2019

Its all so easy…so very easy… perhaps so easy that only criminals get it? And get away with it? About rape at different levels – and how we relate to them

Kurds violently carve out their own state on sovereign Syria’s territory. Turkey hates Kurds and is itself a main destroyer of Syria (Aleppo in particular) and serve as an important training ground for terrorists that destroyed the rest of Syria.

Turkey drives Kurds out of the “safe” zone and wants to control it. Inside sovereign Syria, remember. His Excellency Mr Megalomania Erdogan threatens to do it unilaterally if the safe zone arrangement (illegal as it is by all standards) does not satisfy his personal “expectations” – which one must assume that he considers legal and legitimate too.

The US – which, it should be noted in passing, has backed the Kurds in fighting Syrian forces because since 2011 it’s all been yet another failed regime-change madman project – now threatens Turkey if it “invades” northern Syria.

So look forward to the show: two NATO allies fighting each other on a third country’s land, right?

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends a graduation ceremony of a military academy in Istanbul, Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019. (Presidential Press Service via AP, Pool)

Hardly ever mentioned, the US itself has at least ten military bases/facilities/posts and special troops on sovereign Syria’s territory.

Russia and Iran are the only foreign countries legitimately present according to international law on Syrian soil because they have been invited by the dictator/butcher – in formal, civilized and legal circles also called President – whether you like him or not – Bashar al-Assad.

The US and its allies, Turkey and all the rest are there in violation of international law. But do you get such details when you watch prime time news?

So it should be so very very easy to point out who is criminal – beyond the Syrian regime. But who cares about international law anymore?

Media – Western mainstream in particular – couldn’t care less. They wouldn’t dare to write about Western war crimes – but the comparativel small fish like Milosevic, Karadzic, Saddam, Gaddafi were always comme il faut – making us feel good

Interesting too?  What shall we call a state that lets its soldiers kill lots of innocent people without punishing even one?

The United Nations’ Secretary-General – always concerned, appealing, kind, smiling Mr. Guterres – can not be bothered – or he would be further marginalised, ignored – as the leader of the long-ago totally ignored, ridiculed UN itself.

So, you get it right: International law doesn’t exist. As easy, so very easy, as that.

However! If international law existed, if decency and ethics were part of international politics, if principled policies were considered a quality – and if the West had anything good to offer the world instead of falling apart in its own criminal affairs and covering them up – you’d hear words like “aggression” and “right to self-defence” and things like these would be discussed urgently and intensely at the UN Security Council as well as in most foreign ministries, think tanks and research institutes as a catastrophe for the future of world order. As a complete de-moralization of politics and the end of – no less – democracy too.

Further, a UN mission would have been deployed long ago, and Turkey and the US would have been condemned. Some would even have imposed hard economic sanctions on these two – rogue militarist and increasingly undemocratic states who no longer can be said to be part of the international community.

Well, that is no problem, either. It’s very very easy – because there is no international community anymore. If there ever were. No Weberian Gemeinschaft, for sure.

It should be clear to normal decent human beings that those who run things like these – and have caused death, suffering, and refugee streams in the millions – and repeatedly destroyed countries, cultures and civilisations – cannot be leaders of the world.

Because they don’t know how to lead themselves. They don’t know how to behave – much less how to role models.

Jeffrey Epstein – By Jan Oberg 2019

After all, didn’t Jeffrey Epstein break the law knowingly and deliberately? Didn’t he do what he did for personal gain – it was hardly for the common good of him, the girls and his friends?

Interesting too?  Sweden soon at war? Yes, perhaps, if in NATO

Didn’t he take systematic advantage of humans weaker and smaller than himself, defenceless underage as they were? Didn’t he manage for so long because he had allies who knew what he did but let him, even participated?

Is it too far, therefore, to say that countries like those who destroyed Syria – Turkey and the US and their allies and those which now continue this criminal enterprise are rapists – causing the death and suffering of millions more than Epstein did?

But who is in focus – who get all the media attention? Individual criminals, rapists and terrorists. Never state criminals, rapists and terrorist. You may see what Aleppo looked like after the rape.

Governments and statesmen won’t hang themselves in a cell. There is no cells for states and their governments. But they certainly deserve to fall. And – well, I believe they will and look forward till the day they do. Epstein also has neither my sympathy nor my empathy.

Pray that the decline and fall of the US Empire and its allies will happen peacefully…although the poor West does not have a single politician in the intellectual and moral class of Mikhail Gorbachev whom we should all be grateful to – and who the self-same countries did nothing but to cheat in 1989-90.

PS 1 Now you know why you have not heard about Syria since Aleppo fell – no, was liberated from terrorists’ occupation – in December 2016: What fell was the Western racism-based interventionist, regime-change policies. And the constructed media fake and omission narrative.
Good things do happen in our world. But you have to find out yourself! Here is what I wrote about it at the time.

PS 2 I hear some say – “yeah, yeah, but Bashar was and is a bad guy. He killed and gassed his own. He should be punished.” In my view, this argument is nothing but a state-level version of the argument that the woman was dressed in a provocative way and therefore has only herself to blame.


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  1. Det er ikke ok at sammenligne. Overhovedet ikke. Er vel ok det ikke står noget om epstein sagen osv. Men brug nu ikke i anden sammenhæng. Ikke godt. Forkludrer begge sager!

  2. Kære Vibeke Larsen – helt OK, du mener det. Men kan du ikke sige lidt om hvorfor du synes det og hvad der forkludres. Der er i min øjne en klar strukturel lighed, og jeg vil gerne have folk til at tænke over: Hvorfor er voldtægt klart kriminelt og umoralsk mens krig, massemord, fornedring af hele befolkninger og – ja, atomvåben – er helt OK. Og hvorfor mediers dækning af de to typer af vold er som den er. Værd at snakke om, synes jeg – og argumentere for (og også gerne i mod) 🙂

    • Epstein sagen handler bl.a. om afpresning af folk især fra USA, frygtelige ting for børn og andre… Ja. Hvis man har interesseret dig for dette gennem lang tid, også tydeligt mange bange skal komme ud. Bør få sin egen udelte interesse.

  3. Helt OK, det respekterer jeg at du synes. Jeg synes at det er interessant at se om der er paralleller – og klare forskelle – mellem tidens og samfundets begivenheder og udviklingstendenser. Om der er noget dybere, der forener dem. Filosofen Harald Ofstad har skrevet en meget meget klog bog for mange år siden – om vor foragt for svaghed om om denne foragt som et hovedelement i vold, krig og – nazisme. Vold findes i mange former – direkte, kulturelt, strukturel, kønsbestemt, mod naturen, psykologisk – mikro, makro og mega (som atomvåbenvold). Der er nok noget et eller andet sted, der forbinder disse ting. Jeg forsøger blot at sige at der – måske – er nogle ligheder mellem voldtægt på et menneske og på ett kollektiv som en kultur, et land eller en hel befolkning. Foragten for den der er objekt/offer er én af disse ligheder. Du har så helt ret i at Epsteins tilfælde har specielle sider – men det gør ikke hans voldtægter usammenlignelige. Nok om det – og tak fordi du er en af de få, der har fattet at det lige netop er hér samtalen skal foregå 🙂 – Jan

    • Ja det er foreneligt, i mine øjne, på den måde, at profit og magt er underliggende drivkræfter. Og foragt/ringeagt for andre mennesker – især de, nogen vil underlægge sig/udnytte/ ikke regner for andet end midler osv. Være sig børn, voksne, folk og nationer.
      Og velbekommen

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