I’d like to direct your attention to a new comprehensive analysis from The Transnational Foundation for Peace And Future Research, TFF, called

“Behind The Smokescreen:
An Analysis of the West’s Destructive China Cold War Agenda
And Why It Must Stop”

The authors are TFF Associates Gordon Dumoulin, Thore Vestby and I – Jan Oberg.

Frankly, we have been shocked to learn – through meticulous research over thousands of places and connection of dots – how elaborate, well-financed and how broad the network is that produces this new Cold War and seek, by 10 Media Manipulation Methods – to make you believe that everything China does is bad and that China is one huge threat to the United States and the West.

It isn’t – but it can be made into an enemy thanks to this China Cold War Agenda – CCWA. It is rooted much more in the crisis and decline of the US than in anything China actually does.

One of our main points is that no matter what you think of China – even if you have the most negative perception of it – this is neither fair nor truthful. Politics, media and think tank “research” is biased and demonise China for a reason: The US needs to do psycho-political projections of its own dark sides onto China, to blame it for the consequences of its own catastrophic policies the last 20-30 years.

We also conclude that the world must stop this US-driven new Cold War. Humanity does not have one single day to waste on confrontation – rather we need all kinds of cooperation to solve humanity’s problems and achieve the UN long-term goals. Because – if the US/NATO is permitted to set off huge human, financial, technological and propaganda resources and to gang up with other countries, the West itself will be exhausted and decline even faster, it will also hurt China to some extent and it will prevent the solution of the urgent global problems we face – such as climate change, alleviation of poverty, etc.

Interesting too?  Hvor har vores krige virket?

In short, this Western policy is a major threat to humanity’s future. None of the big problems can be solved without cooperation between the two most important countries in the world – and it is the US, not China, that wants – or needs – this Cold War, this CCWA.

We strongly believe that the future is for those who seriously want to cooperate and don’t waste energy on dominating the whole world and imposing its own system in confrontation with everybody else.

Sadly, the West is not threatened by anyone. It’s threatened because of its own self-defeating policies seeking to cling to imperial domination that a) nobody wants and b) belongs to the past but not to the emerging new multi-polar, power-sharing and cooperative world order. As a matter of fact, the Western friends and allies of the US must now lend it a helping hand – as I wrote back in June.

This is what the West itself and the rest of the world need dearly now – and I repeat, no matter what you think of China.

If you do not want to read the whole report (132 pages), read the intro and the 15 points of the Executive Summary – just 10-15 minutes.

If you think such work and views are important at this moment of world history instead of preparing more wars, please think of supporting my writing here… many thanks.


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