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The US spends US$ 720 billion – that is 720 000 000 000 – on its conventional and nuclear military. In reality much more but we drop that here.

You may see how much that is of all the world:

Despite this fact, the world’s militarily strongest power feels weak and vulnerable. Mr Trump and the administration feel that some China-produced apps are a national security threat! Here is what he announced yesterday – the banning of 8 Chinese apps for messaging, document sharing and much else, hitting millions who use them – while probably China couldn’t care less – except politically.

It comes on top of the Huawei scandal and attempts to also boycott the WeChat and Tiktok apps. And it is part of the perverse and self-defeating US-instigated Cold War with China that began with Obama’s so-called pivot to Asia and has taken a big leap forward under Trump’s watch and, in particular, his Secetary of State, Mike Pompeo.

What’s the purpose of such a military budget when you can anyhow feel threatened by video and messaging apps?

One must begin to ask now: Is there anything the US cannot convert into a threat anymore, feel threatened by? And is it so strange to feel threatened when one is trying to dominate the whole world? The more power and wealth you accumulate and the more provocatively you behave, the more you will also feel afraid of losing it – threatened that someone will take it away from you.

Whether or not anybody is, in reality, threatening you is an entirely different matter. Paranoia is to feel it although it is not there.

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The US and its foreign and security policy is, in a nutshell, the most serious threat to the US. But those making political decisions are unaware and would deny that these decision are the outcome of a mental-structural disorder.

Is this anything but full-blast Sinophobia? And does China do anything through its apps that the US does not do through its apps? I doubt both.

This US paranoia – now also expressed through Appparanoia – is now irrational, if not pathological – and dangerously provocative. NATO allies should be more concerned about that than about China.

Today I downloaded the banned apps which I am sure are very helpful. I have been on the excellent Chinese multi-functional WeChat app for years and I am going to expand my use of it while reducing my presence on Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. I decided that last year, but a step such as this only convinces me that that was the right decision.


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