💐 Ny bog om Johan Galtung til 90 års dagen

💐 Ny bog om Johan Galtung til 90 års dagen

23.oktober 2020 Den norske arkitekt og fredsforkæmper, Susanne Urban har forfattet en righoldig bog, som netop er udkommet for at markere at en af verdens absolut ledende samfundsforskere, Johan Galtung, fylder 90 den 24. oktober 2020. Han er matematiker, sociolog, freds- og fremtidsforsker med en utrolig produktion af foredrag, artikler, gæsteprofessorater og hederdoktorater bag sig [...]

A typical PressInfo from The Transnational Foundation

A typical PressInfo from The Transnational Foundation

We send out TFF PressInfo - alerts about new posts on The Transnational - once or twice a week - or when something urgently important happens in the world. They are in English and, of course, free and you can subscribe to them here or by sending an email to PressInfo@transnational.org Here's a typical example [...]

Det danske fredsakademi siger sandheden forud for Hiroshima og Nagasaki 75

Det danske fredsakademi siger sandheden forud for Hiroshima og Nagasaki 75

22. juli 2020 Mens Danmark har mængder af velfinancierede institutter for militære studier samt et forsvarsakademi har det hverken et institut for fredsforskning eller et velfinancieret fredsakademi. Men Det Danske Fredsakademi findes - et højkvalificeret initiativ, som du formentlig aldrig har hørt om. Det er i årtier blevet drevet af en ildsjæl ved navn Holger [...]

A happier, less violent 2020

A happier, less violent 2020

December 30, 2019 Each and every problem humanity faces is rooted in violence. Why do so many continue believing in violence, the most counter-productive, unintelligent and expensive means of all? Violence invariably makes a problem between conflicting parties deeper and broader and every solution more difficult. It make the original problem ten times bigger. All [...]

Kunstnere for Fred – fredspris og foredrag

Kunstnere for Fred – fredspris og foredrag

15 november 2019 På søndag den 17. november opnår jeg den store glæde og ære at få de danske Kunstnere for Freds Fredspris 2019. Det føles som en fornem anerkendelse af mit arbejde med TFF - som international forsker, underviser, mægler og folkeoplyser igennem mer end 40 år udi fredens mysterier - men også i [...]

A great soul’s 150th birthday

A great soul’s 150th birthday

By TFF & Jan Oberg Herunder en typisk meddelelse fra Den Transnationale Stiftelse for Freds- og Fremtidsforskning, TFF. Vi kalder dem TFF PressInfo og denne var nummer 533. Du kan få dem også og de er gratis - bare skriv til PressInfo@transnational.org så kommer du på listen. Lund, Sweden - October 2, 2019 This is [...]

TFF’s Transnational Peace Affairs – A new magazine

TFF’s Transnational Peace Affairs – A new magazine

August 21, 2019 I have long wanted to produce something like a magazine - a daily, diverse drumbeat - that is also easy and fast to curate and edit. Because... I've been grappling with this: The world is to rich and diverse: Why are mainstream media so predictable/boring, narrowly focused, uniform - I mean, buy [...]

How many Americans has al-Assad killed?

I read dozens of articles every day about various conflict zones, commentaries, war reports and - the few times it happens - possibilities of peace. I read about Syria in particular as I have since I visited Damascus and Aleppo in December 2016. It's important that one does not, over time, develop the disease called [...]

The future of U.S.-Europe relations

"The Debate" with Jim Walsh, MIT and Jan Oberg, TFF Lund, Sweden – May 30, 2017 Last night “The Debate” on PressTV was devoted to the future of European-US relations in the wake of the NATO Summit, President Trump’s words and omissions and the – historic – words, in particular, of Chancellor Angela Merkel immediately [...]

May 1: Where are the workers in the struggle for peace? Nowhere it seems!


What foreign policy if the US had no weapons?

Just a thought...

The US/NATO confrontation with Russia is dangerous

TFF LiveApril 12, 2017 The secretaries of state, Tillerson and Lavrov meet today. We seem to enter a stage of what must appropriately be perceived as a frosty new Cold War. In the worst of cases this can lead to a new Cuban Missile Crisis. God forbid! https://www.facebook.com/obergpeace.artphotographics/videos/204607170030638/

The Meaninglessness of War: Aleppo

Here my 6th photo series from Aleppo - hashtag #keepfocusonaleppo. 

Lund, Sweden - March 24, 2017

 Can the almost total destruction of Eastern Aleppo be used constructively? Only if we are willing to ask and dialogue about this: • Why does the world go on investing US$ 2000 billion annually in warfare and US$ 30 [...]

“Vittnesrapport från Aleppo, en annorlunda konfliktanalys och vägar till fred i Syrien”

Videoinspelning av Jan Öbergs föredrag i Stockholm februari 2017 Inspelningen är uppdelad i två delar: Del 1: Vittnesrapport från Aleppo60 min. Del 2: Debatt och vägar till fred i Syrien45 min. Bakgrund10-14:e december 2016 vistades Jan Öberg i Aleppo. Med sin unika erfarenhet från staden ifrågasätter han den gängse massmediarapporteringen, argumenterar för ett nytt sätt [...]

Keep focus on Aleppo and global dimensions of Syria

Soldiers and volunteers from Aleppo University hand out food to IDPs having come in from Eastern Aleppo. December 14, 2016 © Jan Oberg 2016   TFF PressInfo # 405  Lund, Sweden - February 24, 2017Failed conflict analysis To analyse a conflict is as necessary as the diagnosis for the doctor: You either get to a [...]

From Obama to Trump

Commenting with David Swanson, leading and sharp peace intellectual, on the inauguration of Trump - also about the legacy of Barrack Obama. For Iran's international PressTV. Posted on TFF's blog.

Aleppo’s evil humanitarians

The third photo story from the days of the liberation of Aleppo in SyriaUnique photos with text from Aleppo’s Jibrin reception center for people finally liberated in Eastern Aleppo December 11-12, 2016.Documentation of the fact that it was the Syrian authorities, the Syrian Army, Russian doctors, the Syrian Red Crescent and volunteering Syrian youth who [...]

The little girl from Eastern Aleppo

New year's night, January 1, 2017 This girl had come out of Eastern Aleppo after four dark years of occupation by Western-backed terrorists - too many to name. People who for no reason had destroyed her home, her part of that beautiful city. Perhaps half of her life living in fear, perhaps having lost family members. [...]

As we move into the new year – 2017

The old years went - in as little a time as it takes to turn around and see who is tapping you on your shoulder. And it is the new, the next year. I hope it will pass too - in as little time as it takes for me to turn my head and look forward [...]

Thanks for the friends’ and followers’ boom

During the last two weeks I have received almost 800 friend requests on Facebook and about 1000 new followers. It's overwhelming and warms my heart beyond words. Many many thanks for your trust and support - and for not only thinking it but taking time to tell it. I can only assume that it is [...]