On two US radio stations, Russian Izvestia and one Swiss +… this week

I’m happy to announce to my readers here and friends in the United States and Europe that I am scheduled to be on three – for me new – radio programs in the next few days, namely:

“Rethinking Heroes” with host Cary Harrison, KPFK 90.7 Los Angeles, June 2 (about 10 minutes about NATO’s expansion and Sweden and Finland joining);

“Progressive radio network (PRN.live)” in New York with Paul DeRienzo, May 31 (about 5 minutes also about NATO’s expansion and Sweden and Finland joining).

These two come in the wake of my recent article “Provocative NATO undermines the security of the Nordic Region” in Global Times, Beijing on May 27 – and circulated to hundreds of media by US-based IPA – Institute for Public Accuracy, editor in chief Sam Husseini.

Words travel the globe in no time and in no predicted ways…

Here is the link to this radio interview on Soundcloud, the conversation with me from 3:57 to 15:30, much longer than planned 🙂 .

The third is quite a different thing:

“Featured Business” with James Moffat in Bern, Switzerland on June 2 (90 minutes):

“We have a Featured Business Guest who will share their story to help educate, motivate, inspire and most of all, bring hope to the listener.

This is in the form of a free flowing and interactive storytelling interview guided by your host James Moffat, who will elegantly take our guest on a journey from their childhood to where they are now, whilst sharing memorable experiences on the way.

The audience also have the opportunity to interact, ask questions and be part of the live show.”

Izvestia, Russia

Interesting too?  Iran, USA, kärnvapnen demokratin, SVT - och jag

Wikipedia: “Izvestia is a daily broadsheet newspaper in Russia. Founded in 1917, it was a newspaper of record in the Soviet Union until the Soviet Union’s dissolution in 1991, and describes itself now as a “national newspaper” of Russia. The word izvestiya in Russian means “bring news” or “tidings”, “herald”, derived from the verb izveshchat.

Otherwise this week

• gave an online lecture at a large international peace research conference at the Faculty of Global Studies at Tehran’s University, arranged by my friend Professor Ali Alikhani.

• had to decline two commentaries for Iran’s PressTV as they clashed timewise with other media tasks.

• published an article – about Finland and Sweden joining NATO – in the Global Times in China.

• published an article in Wenzhou News in China 七国集团广岛峰会——西方衰落的里程碑?
(G7 in Hiroshima – Milestone of Western decline?)

• and, finally, one in The Citizens in India – on Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

I’ll add links to the broadcasts when they’re ready. Stay tuned…


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