Featured Business: A very personal portrait conversation of 1 h & 50 min

Get to know a few things you did not know about Jan Oberg.

This is extraordinary: Some serious people contact you and say: “We have found that what you do is so interesting that we want to have a long conversation with you – who you are, what you do, how you do it, what motivates you and how you see the world – and yourself in it. We are here to highlight innovative people in a broad sense.”

The serious people who make such a totally unique program operate something called Featured Business Spotlight – Storytelling. It’s an Inspiration organised by Visibility Impact, and your host James Moffat will elegantly take his guest – me – on an interactive storytelling journey.

Such a fine, detailed and respectful planning and overall approach. A true win-win dialogue and not a debate through which one side must win.

This is my most comprehensive portrait of the last perhaps 20 years. You may get to know a few things you did not know about me!

I’d be grateful if you share widely.

Interesting too?  "We Are All Charlie" - but is that story so simple?


Welcome to my official personal home. I'm a peace researcher and art photographer.

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  1. Indeed, a very important conversation. The combination of your personal background and your professional work nurture, strengthen, complement and expand eachother. Truth is like light, it burns through the darkness of lies, deceipt, violence and death.


    ” contraria sunt complementa ” = “the opposites complement eachother”


    In a good conversation the partners acknowledge and respect eachother, not necessarily agreeing in the others view, belief or argument. Seperate interests are legitimate, but not on the expense of others.


    Satyagraha, follow truth firm and closely. The only thing to fear is fear itself.


    ” you can teach a simple man the most complicated matters, as long as he is open – but you cannot teach the most sophisticated man the most simple thing, if he has made up his mind allready .. ”


    to massmedia/propaganda/”straying lapdogs” of all different kinds
    (MIMAC + bank-financial system)

    ” We cannot continue the conversation “, Mr. Keuner said to a man who was taken by illusions, no matter where they came from. ” why not ? “, the alarmed man asked. ” I cannot say anything reasonably in your company ” Mr. Keuner regrettably replied. ” .. but it doesn´t trouble me “, the man cheerfully replied. “. ” I recognize that … “, Mr. Keuner summarized in an agonizing tone.

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