Two young journalists reporting from the war zone

Dennis Kucinich: US Foreign Policy Madness Will End When Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is President

Former US presidential candidate Dennis Kucinichthe leading US peace politician for decades – talks with Afshin Rattansi on his program Going Underground.

Kucinich who is also Robert F Kennedy’s presidential campaign manager, says very important things about the case of Julian Assange (which Western media write virtually nothing about and here is Nils Melzer’s indispensable book about it) and the US wars and media – war media/media wars.

It happens on Rumble, not YouTube, because the latter is owned by Google, which practises censorship in the interest of US foreign policy (which is the major reason that TFF and I are on Vimeo, not YouTube anymore).

I simply want my readers here to learn more about these things and about the good personalities who fight for a more decent US.

Interesting too?  The Clintons celebrated - but likely disastrous for the world


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  1. I am convinced that any president who wants to make the US more peacefull will get murdered, by the hawks who loves military (and war),
    just like John F. in my opinion was. (and Palme in Sweden)
    for militarists killing is a natural solution they believe in.
    and lying about their “innocence” are business as usual.

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