Jan Oberg comments on NATO and the need for a much larger citizens-taxpayers movement against militarism since, for almost 70 years since 1949, NATO has failed miserably in creating the peace it says it aims at. In addition it is systematically violating its Treaty.

Interesting too?  Jeg bliver så vred. Gør du?


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  1. Mr. Oberg,
    If one were to compare alcoholism and its violence to militarism and wars one might find, like the alcoholic who hits “rock bottom”, that international relations are in a similar very sad historical state. Like the crashed alcoholic whose only option for continuance of life is giving up the drink, humanity has reached a point where, at what seems a rapidly increasing rate, people are sensing wars and wasteful military spending must start diminishing in great measure to ensure healing and survival.

    Perhaps now is the opportune time (as if there’s ever an INopportune time to talk peace!) for the world’s peace advocates to “step on the gas” and raise the discussion to a more powerful moral high ground level, bringing oratory, writing and communications of such maximum consciousness that remaining war-mongers, militarists and “hawks” in response would bow their heads in shame.

    Thank you. Best regards.

  2. Dear Jerry – two very very good points and I agree that this is indeed an opportune time to discuss peace – peace as an alternative and people will be – should be – more open to alternatives, the more they see how things are falling apart. And the West is, from many angles losing it and will eventually fall apart. Sorry to say – but it has played its card exceptionally badly! Thanks!! – Jan

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