The nuclear deal with Iran: Commenting on Iran’s PressTV

15 minutes about this piece of world history. With TFF I am proud that we have been engaged over the last few years in and with Iran and have gathered a reasonable expertise through studies and visits.

Grateful for your sharing if you like it.

Interesting too?  Obama i Sverige - finns det annat och andra att minnas √§n judarna?

2 thoughts on “The nuclear deal with Iran: Commenting on Iran’s PressTV

  1. The Iran nuclear agreement shows clearly the value of lengthy discussion for reaching understanding and solving issues with differing views/positions. This also applies to the media, where too often sufficient time isn’t devoted to discussion of important issues. If media groups decided to change to longer formats, the odds of revealing facts and possibilities increases, so, while at least issues are being discussed and can be seen as positive, longer discussions are needed for audiences to become more fully informed. Guest analysts are most likely relieved when instead of 5-minutes their spot is 15.
    Programs such as Press TV’s “The Debate”, RT’s “Crossfire”, and even the US Sunday morning news talk shows would greatly increase viewership if formats were 1-hour instead of 30-minutes. However, viewership isn’t the important reason for a 1-hour format. Many probably share the view that too often these shows conclude when the viewer is finding the discussion on the verge of real revelation of truth – on the verge of becoming something truly special. 1-Hour format allows for reasonable discussion absent the seeming need for guests to speak while going 120-mph, and increases to a large extent the chance discussions become both fruitful and positive.

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