Iran’s foreign minister is right about weapons preventing peace

Iran’s foreign minister is right about weapons preventing peace

August 22, 2019 Dr. Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign minister, yesterday spoke at SIPRI - the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. (At the moment of writing nothing comes up on its homepage when searching his name). I was asked by Iran's PressTV to comment on a couple of selected points made by Zarif - which I [...]

President Trump moves towards war on Iran

With his speech today - half an hour ago - U.S. President Trump has taken a huge step into uncharted territories. (Here on video). One that implies a 60-75% risk of leading to a US attack on Iran. Behind him stands the hardline militarists whom he has himself appointed. ‚Ä® Secondly, neo-conservative individuals and think tanks [...]

The nuclear deal with Iran: Commenting on Iran’s PressTV

15 minutes about this piece of world history. With TFF I am proud that we have been engaged over the last few years in and with Iran and have gathered a reasonable expertise through studies and visits. Grateful for your sharing if you like it.

Comments to the Iran nuclear deal on RT, Russia Today

Kindly chosen this morning to be the first commentator on RT - the world's third largest after CNN and Al Jazeera with an estimated 700 million audience: I'd be happy if you share it!

“Congratulations and thank you, Iran!”

With the breaking news on the nuclear deal announced today - undoubtedly a piece of world history - I wrote up TFF PressInfo # 329 with the above title. It's written, as others before it on this issue, with an emphasis on the characteristics of this conflict that is both obvious and never mentioned: the [...]

Iran nuclear achievement “victory for civilization”

My comments to Iran's PressTV in the morning of July 14, before the nuclear deal with Iran was announced. This is a taped interview with a summary text: “This is a triumph for talks, for diplomacy, for dialogue instead of warfare and it is an important movement for the world not only for Iran or [...]

If so, let the U.S. isolate itself

Iran says nuclear deal depends on lifting of sanctions | Reuters This is a timely reminder to those who believe the Iran nuclear deal can be reduced to and hinges upon the deal between Congress and Obama. Says Iranian President Rouhani: "We are in talks with the major powers and not with the Congress," Rouhani [...]

Comment to Israel’s defence minister in Washington Post

Israel's defence minister Moshe Ya'alon writes in Washington Post under the headline "Current Iran framework will make war more likely"When I wrote my comment there were already more than 1100 comments - so here it is: "Israel's defence minister is an echo of PM Netanyahu. Nothing new, Israel's official views are well-known, beamed out a [...]

Iran nuclear deal – a road to peace

Jan Oberg commenting on Iranian President Rouhani: "Tehran abides by commitments, if P5 1 fulfills promises" - YouTube/PressTV In spite of the deal's negative sides, Iran has chosen peace to the benefit of the world. In that perspective it is much more than a nuclear deal, it's - potentially - a road to peace.

And who funded Sen Tom Cotton’s and 46 other Senators’ mean, condescending letter?

Senator Cotton - behind the Letter of 47 - has been promoted by pro-Israeli RJC‚Äôs Singer and Adelson ‚ÄĘ LobeLog Instructive reading for anyone who thinks - because they are manipulated by Western mainstream media - that economic corruption in politics and oligarchs are only found in Russia and China and not in the so-called [...]