A great soul’s 150th birthday

A great soul’s 150th birthday

By TFF & Jan Oberg Herunder en typisk meddelelse fra Den Transnationale Stiftelse for Freds- og Fremtidsforskning, TFF. Vi kalder dem TFF PressInfo og denne var nummer 533. Du kan få dem også og de er gratis - bare skriv til PressInfo@transnational.org så kommer du på listen. Lund, Sweden - October 2, 2019 This is [...]

Iran, USA, kärnvapnen demokratin, SVT Рoch jag

Iran, USA, kärnvapnen demokratin, SVT Рoch jag

25:e augusti 2019 Det kan vara intressant att se hur frågan om Iran och kärnvapnen - och debatten om den - har utvecklat sig över tid. Eller kanske den egentligen är den samma? Nedan en diskussion på SVT's Debatt ifrån Göteborg 2006. Programledaren som tycks bli lite förvånat över vad jag säger var Lennart Persson: [...]

Nuclear weapons states are terrorist states and these weapons are indefensible

Nuclear weapons states are terrorist states and these weapons are indefensible

August 6, 2019 - Hiroshima Day Thought you might like to see a discussion I participated in at the invitation of PressTV in - non-nuclear - Iran. And, like me, you may have wondered why the Western world's mainstream media largely ignore Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day? Well, I have a nasty mind: Because someone has [...]

The BAN Treaty – it’s significance and why some have isolated themselves from civilisation

A debate on PressTV between Jan Oberg and Jim Walsh, MIT Here is a link to a partial transcript

The future of U.S.-Europe relations

"The Debate" with Jim Walsh, MIT and Jan Oberg, TFF Lund, Sweden ‚Äď May 30, 2017 Last night ‚ÄúThe Debate‚ÄĚ on PressTV was devoted to the future of European-US relations in the wake of the NATO Summit, President Trump‚Äôs words and omissions and the ‚Äď historic ‚Äď words, in particular, of Chancellor Angela Merkel immediately [...]

Iran on nuclear deal and nuclear-free Middle East

I had the pleasure and honour to comment on the Iranian defence minister's views on the nuclear deal, on a nuclear-free Middle East, terrorism and more.

“Shadow World” – on your tax money

I've felt deeply touched by Johan Grimonprez' brilliant and frightening documentary "Shadow World" which is based on Andrew Feinstein's book with the same name. I want to share it with my readers and here is all about the book and the movie. It was shown in November 2016 by Swedish Television with Swedish text but is due to [...]

U.S. nuclear policies – two world views

Last night I had the opportunity to discuss nuclear weapons with an experienced,  high-ranking security analyst who has been both a military, a scholar, an assistant secretary of defence, presidential adviser, a corporate man and now a think tank member, Lawrence J. Korb. We were discussing the issues touched upon in this and this article. I would [...]

Obama is urged to make closer ties with Iran

In an open letter - hardly mentioned by the Western mainstream press, a group of high-level and rather "Realpolitik" US diplomats, scholars, military and politicians urge President Obama to take concrete steps to intensify the co-operation with Iran. There are obviously concerned that the U.S. shall be perceived as an obstacles for the implementation of the JCPOA, [...]

On Obama’s visit to Hiroshima – TFF PressInfo # 373

On Obama’s visit to Hiroshima – TFF PressInfo # 373

TFF PressInfo # 373: What Obama should do in Hiroshima tomorrowArticles by Jonathan Power & Richard Falkhttp://bit.ly/1U8PEq3 With an intro by Jan Oberg.

DR2 om Irans atomvåben og valg

Er public service og fri presse = frihed til at være så propagandistisk som man lyster? DR2 udsendte fredag den 26. februar 2016 kl 00:15 en time-langt fransk dokumentarfilm"Iran - "Iran - A-Bombe for enhver pris." Fra 2011!Underteksten: "Et af Vestens vigtigste forsvarsmål lige nu er at sætte en stopper for Irans atomprogram, og..." Man [...]

NATO outdated – Abolish war

Commenting on NATO S-G Jens Stoltenberg's wish for dialogue with Russia - a bit odd after all the other provocative initiatives he has spearheaded the last good year or so. I felt like saying something more general about this outdated paradigm - and why it is dangerous for us all - referring also to the [...]

North Korea’s bomb test hysteria

Here media hysteria goes again. This is BBC. It is very difficult to know what has happened. The media and many governments around the world immediately condemn this test. The EU says it is against UN Security Council resolutions - a council consisting exclusively of much stronger, nuclear powers. Before we get carried away, it should [...]

The nuclear deal with Iran: Commenting on Iran’s PressTV

15 minutes about this piece of world history. With TFF I am proud that we have been engaged over the last few years in and with Iran and have gathered a reasonable expertise through studies and visits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdkE48OGu4w&feature=youtu.be Grateful for your sharing if you like it.