A great soul’s 150th birthday

By TFF & Jan Oberg

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Lund, Sweden – October 2, 2019

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Above Gandhi’s prophetic diagnosis of today’s Western, or O/Accidental, malaise.

Gandhi’s message is not backed up by statistics, figures and charts. It’s the type of statement of wisdom which seems to have disappeared in our modern times.

He was born today 150 years ago. Some believe his theory and practice is just historical or irrelevant. However…

Millions of people believe in and use non-violence every day. About a week ago, 6 million marched for humans and societies to re-learn to relate non-violently to Nature.

Many other millions practice dialogue, negotiations, friendly quarrels, mediation, meetings, writings, speeches, humour etc to deal with their conflicts. It’s non-violence even though they may not have studied Gandhi.

Sadly, however, a few elites still adhere to the stone-age philosophy of issuing threats and clubbing down adversaries.

Perversely, it’s called “national defence and security.”

These tiny elites – having never obtained a democratic mandate for it – make up the biggest security threat to humanity’s survival.

They violate the Gandhian norm all governments have signed up to: the UN Charter’s Article 1 that says that “peace shall be established by peaceful means.”

Like we need to reduce CO2 emission, we need to reduce violence – against nature, other people, genders, cultures, whether direct, economic or psychological.

We need zero tolerance for violence and need to learn how to deal intelligently with our differences. Peace can be learnt.

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Violence is lose-lose. Nonviolence is win-win.

Perhaps you want to learn a little about nonviolence and Gandhi?

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