I had the pleasure and honour to comment on the Iranian defence minister’s views on the nuclear deal, on a nuclear-free Middle East, terrorism and more.

Interesting too?  US-led coalition has neither a political nor an exit strategy


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  1. You should have your own television show Jan. Truly; your wise, sane, and knowledgeable words need to be shouted from the roof tops.

    The horror of witnessing the stupid, selfish and violence addicted stars & stripes empire in decline … accompanied by an addiction to mind-boggling hypocrisy and mass killing weaponry … that combo knowing no bounds … well … you know the ugly story.

    Washington (plus obedient pack of mongrel European lap-dog ‘leaders’ that support this menacing madness) could be aptly labelled the genuine ‘axis of evil ‘ …and akin to a blood sucking vampire require the strongest floodlights cast upon them. Their mal intent exposed!

    I jest, for I find myself now nervously sitting in the audience of a ‘global theatre of the absurd’ … hearing ominous sounds and fearing the roof is imminently close to collapsing, should those few civilised support walls be further bombed.

    ShIne on my goodfellow, illuminate that path through these dark days.

  2. Dear Martin – from my heart: Thanks a lot. You say very important things and express them elegantly – I’ve studied, many years ago, the theatre of the absurd, and I couldn’t agree more with you.
    I don’t think people would stomach a permanent kind of show with me – but I am going to use also the Facebook broadcasting technology much more in the future – they reach far more people than an article or an already made video does. Something for yourself??
    Best and thanks again – Jan

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