NATO outdated – Abolish war

Commenting on NATO S-G Jens Stoltenberg’s wish for dialogue with Russia – a bit odd after all the other provocative initiatives he has spearheaded the last good year or so.

I felt like saying something more general about this outdated paradigm – and why it is dangerous for us all – referring also to the Russell-Einstein Manifesto of 1955.

You may also see it as my statement countering the NATO Annual 2015 Report which lacks every intellectualism, theoretical/conceptual clarity, empathy, peace thinking and – naively – equates military  build-up with ‘security’.

Interesting too?  ‚ėģ ‚ėģ On Hiroshima Day 2014: TFF on the need for nuclear abolition

One thought on “NATO outdated – Abolish war

  1. Don’t know how others feel, but rapidly organizing and convening the first ever week-long, annual “World Peace Conference” involving the brightest leaders in the fields of international relations/political science, religion/spirituality, academia, business, etc. on Earth seems long overdue, absolutely sensible, obviously timely and urgent.

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