And who funded Sen Tom Cotton’s and 46 other Senators’ mean, condescending letter?

Senator Cotton – behind the Letter of 47 – has been promoted by pro-Israeli RJC’s Singer and Adelson • LobeLog

Instructive reading for anyone who thinks – because they are manipulated by Western mainstream media – that economic corruption in politics and oligarchs are only found in Russia and China and not in the so-called democracy of the United States. It seems that not only was the – backfiring – speech of PM Netanyahu in the US Congress a Jewish lobby-financed operation, so was this young Senator’s ignorant and counterproductive letter campaign. If you’ve seen him talk about Iran you’ll understand that he has no knowledge and less respect for other people – e.g. saying that all Iranians are extremists etc.

It is very sad to witness the infighting and moral decay – and corruption – of the American political system. Even the best Constitution can be misused or circumvented if the intensions are malicious enough. Whether you like it, the whole affair is indicative of the weakening and eventual fall of the U.S. Empire. It’s demise will, I believe, be good for both the American republic and the world.

Interesting too?  With another approach we would have a deal with Iran today

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