BBC’s non-professional reporting – and how it could also be written

NATO military exercises begin in Black Sea – BBC News
Is this professional, impartial journalism? Let’s look at the words: NATO “reassures”, Russia “accuses” and “warns” and is – stated as an objective fact – “increasingly unpredictable”.

Here is how this news story could also be written: “Simultaneous with a series of other military execises, NATO has begun one today in the Black Sea. Russia – which is seen by some NATO government as increasingly unpredictable – has stated that it considers these exercises close to its border provocative and that they will have a negative impact on the possibilities of finding a solution to the Ukraine conflict.

BBC’s Gavin Lee spent a day on board NATO’s warship and will thereafter report the views of citizens ashore on how they think about Russia, NATO, Ukraine and the increasing tension in their region.

At the moment there is a ceasefire agreement, Minsk 2, concerning Eastern Ukraine but no talks of peace and future confidence-building among the parties.”

Interesting too?  Vidste forsvarsministeren dette om F35 på pressekonferencen?


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