The Zionist lobby does it again – and again

This is the second posting today on this issue...Please support Jake Lynch, a TFF Associate, from being sacked because of his solidarity with Palestine and SIGN this: Open letter to University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor:"Dr Spence, reject calls to punish Palestine-justice supporters"Sydney Staff for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (Sign after the list of signatures and before [...]

Yet another attack by Zionists on academic freedom

Medialens tells us that the Zionist lobby does it again! Are we surprised?Oh yes, when was it last all Western leaders praised freedom of expression by walking through Paris? Will even one of them now stand up and demand that this conference be held anyhow? What is it the West's academic community boats about in [...]

And who funded Sen Tom Cotton’s and 46 other Senators’ mean, condescending letter?

Senator Cotton - behind the Letter of 47 - has been promoted by pro-Israeli RJC‚Äôs Singer and Adelson ‚ÄĘ LobeLog Instructive reading for anyone who thinks - because they are manipulated by Western mainstream media - that economic corruption in politics and oligarchs are only found in Russia and China and not in the so-called [...]