Iran’s foreign minister is right about weapons preventing peace

Iran’s foreign minister is right about weapons preventing peace

August 22, 2019 Dr. Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign minister, yesterday spoke at SIPRI - the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. (At the moment of writing nothing comes up on its homepage when searching his name). I was asked by Iran's PressTV to comment on a couple of selected points made by Zarif - which I [...]

The nuclear deal with Iran: Commenting on Iran’s PressTV

15 minutes about this piece of world history. With TFF I am proud that we have been engaged over the last few years in and with Iran and have gathered a reasonable expertise through studies and visits. Grateful for your sharing if you like it.

Comments to the Iran nuclear deal on RT, Russia Today

Kindly chosen this morning to be the first commentator on RT - the world's third largest after CNN and Al Jazeera with an estimated 700 million audience: I'd be happy if you share it!

“Congratulations and thank you, Iran!”

With the breaking news on the nuclear deal announced today - undoubtedly a piece of world history - I wrote up TFF PressInfo # 329 with the above title. It's written, as others before it on this issue, with an emphasis on the characteristics of this conflict that is both obvious and never mentioned: the [...]

Iran nuclear achievement “victory for civilization”

My comments to Iran's PressTV in the morning of July 14, before the nuclear deal with Iran was announced. This is a taped interview with a summary text: “This is a triumph for talks, for diplomacy, for dialogue instead of warfare and it is an important movement for the world not only for Iran or [...]

TFF PressInfo # 313: Ignore the 47 irresponsible US Republican senators

By Farhang Jahanpour & Jan Oberg, TFF Board membersRead the whole text "Ignore the 47 irresponsible US Republican senators - here" Now that Iran cannot trust the U.S. - what must be done to secure a nuclear deal? NATO and EU friends of the US as well as the other negotiating powers must come forward. [...]