Nuclear weapons must go like slavery and they will


Commenting on the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN

Interesting too?  Why are we moving away from dialogue & diplomacy?


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  1. all military weapons must go, and all soldiers, and they will, but maybe mankind goes too in the proces

  2. Perhaps the best first step International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons could take with their fortunate, new-found media and moral leverage after winning the Nobel Peace Prize is pushing strongly for nationwide referendums in (9) nations on Earth. The effort at convincing the nine nuclear weapons nations could have a simple, direct and easily recognizable title: “Nine Nation Project” – where the title becomes changed after each signs on to the BAN Treaty. “Eight Nation Project”, “Seven Nation Project”, and so on, to nuclear zero. “Nine Nations to Zero” is another possible title.

    Videos created to advocate for national referendums could begin with the scene of a nuclear launch facility, a countdown to zero starting at “9 seconds” (9 nations), then visual of a nuclear weapon launched and historical footage of an explosion. Then the sharp contrast between that current reality and a world without nuclear weapons is presented, making certain all who watch the video, or hear the audio, fully and viscerally grasp both what is at stake – and what is possible.

    Another effort might involve focusing in on alternative uses for the $1 trillion in U.S. tax revenue proposed for nuclear weapons over 30 years. Add to that the money wasted on defense against nuclear weapons, and all the expenditures by all nations, spending associated in any manner with the continued existence of the hideous monstrosities. Showing people in the nine nations the grand totals spent on nuclear weapons and related costs since 1945, current year costs, and costs projected into the future will result in those citizens voting overwhelmingly in favor of nuclear abolition.

    Best wishes and congratulations to ICAN and their billions of supporters around the Earth. Thank you to everyone fighting this most moral,of good fights – the battle for survival of humanity.

  3. Thanks, Jerry!
    Nine Nation Project – YES!
    Focus on alternative uses of US $ 1 trillion – YES!
    Do you have some organisation in mind for these projects?

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