My deeply concerned wake-up call to YOU! Please share and spread further!
NATO’s military leader is like a man given a scalpel to perform surgery without ever having opened a book on medicine.
Taxpayers pay for getting less and less secure and risking war in Europe. These military elites have no democratic mandate – be it in the West, Russia, China or anywhere.
My interview with RT International

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  1. Jan,
    Wonder if a proposal on Crimea could hold potential for resolving tensions. The Gorbachev-Bush verbal agreement “no NATO expansion, not one inch to the East” has become common knowledge. It seems clear Crimea returned to the Russian Federation mainly because of the centuries old, only warm water naval base there, in other words for geostrategic reasons. If Russia proposed some form of compromise on Crimea with Kiev, but in contrast to the verbal agreement between Gorbachev and Bush I – in 2015 based on a signed treaty guaranteeing permanent status for the Russian navy base in Sevastopol, the true, or major, root of the Ukraine conflict could be comprehensively addressed. Poroshenko’s recent remarks make clear Crimea status, differing narratives aside, remains a significant threat to peace. Such a plan may or may not hold promise for prevention of Crimea-generated war, but because it came to mind and seemed rational, the concept is being shared here. If indeed such a peace concept/proposal held the logical power to prevent the outbreak of war over Crimea, and was not offered then war broke out over Crimea, one would live the rest of one’s life with extreme regret.

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