Listen very carefully to the eloquent PM Netanyahu here again giving it full blast thanks to CNN in an interview in which he (again) says nothing new.
Why – just why – is his views given coverage again and again and again in Western media? Does the Iranian or other P5+1 get anywhere near the same media coverage (I can’t remember every having seen a Chinese diplomat talk about the Iran deal).

And why does this happen with nobody mentioning the nuclear weapons – 200+ – that this state leader commands on the basis of political paranoia and autism?

Why is nobody stopping him when he questions the legality of Iran’s nuclear civilian program and talks about terrorism while he as Israel’s leader is responsible for series of violations of international law and state terrorism?

If this is the free press it is either knowingly or unknowingly pro-Zionist and Iranophobic or influenced – “bought” in money or other terms – by Israeli billionaires or agents.

You can boycott commodites from countries you do not sympathize with – to send a signal. I wonder whether it isn’t time to boycott media that continue to disseminate pro-Zionist propaganda without covering relevant other angles and countries’ views – and do so again and again. If you anyhow watch it, write to the editor and protest the bias. Or stop using the media and let them rcognize that their viewer and visitor figures are falling rapidly.

PS Please do not try to convince me that e.g. Russia Today is worse than this type of media propaganda by a leading Western media.


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  1. I’m not sure I get your point. Why should we boycot certain media and not others? When you bring Russia Today up, do you really think this is LESS biased or – say “Ukrainophobic” – than some Western media are “Iranophobic”?

    And do you think that is less “Israelphobic” than the most extreme rightwing rags are “Iranophobic”?

    If we are going to boycot media based on how “phobic” they are, I agree that a lot of West-media should be shunned, but so should other media such as Russian and Iranian?


  2. Dear Jesper Madsen – thanks but that is not what I am saying. There is an ongoing very large campaign going on in the West, the EU inparticular – and the Danish television has discussed it in the programme “Deadline” that says that Russia is masterminding a huge campaign and the West must answer by stepping up its propaganda. All I am saying is that there is very well financed propaganda efforts on all sides, that I am tired of Israel’s views being monitored 24/7 but never – to a reasonable degree – the relevant countries in this particular – particular – matter. I am not saying – as you think – that it is a matter of more or less. I am saying that the West is using propaganda too and part of that propaganda is to say that we are objective, nice, fair and plural – whereas others are state-controlled and propadandistic. And that THAT is propaganda! The treatment of Iran in the Western press is extreme – and I believe you should be more concerned about that than about what I just said. – My best – Jan

  3. For Jesper. Your premise is a bit off the mark, as well as a little tit-for-tat. The reason the Western media should be severely questioned right now is that it is sheepishly serving as the mouthpiece of the unacknowledged US/Israeli empire that seeks dominance in the Middle East and around the globe by way of its brutal neoliberal expansionist policies, as it has been doing for a few decades now, right up until a just a few years ago mostly covertly. To suggest that Russia or Iran have the same intentions of global domination would simply be a gross exaggeration. A boycott of mainstream US media (hugely Zionist-influenced and even “controlled” in some cases) might very well indeed serve furthering the cause of world peace. It’s the Zionist-controlled Washington-Wall St. corridor, together with the corrupt City Of London Corporation complex, as well as the booming surveillance state (all of which have deep ties to Tel Aviv), that is the aggressor here, and which is threatening world peace. The leaders and citizens of Central and South America are all too keenly aware of this, as they have been under its thumb for half a century now – the direct recipients of US-sponsored violence – and refuse to take any more. If you begin to read and watch media from various parts of the world you’ll find out that there is much more agreement on this point than not. (And I’m not referring to sources in Russia or Iran.)

  4. Jan & James

    Come on guys. First I think – with all due respect – that the tone is slightly overdone:

    JO: “– “bought” in money or other terms – by Israeli billionaires or agents.”

    JW: “hugely Zionist-influenced and even “controlled” in some cases”

    JW: “It’s the Zionist-controlled Washington-Wall St. corridor, together with the corrupt City Of London Corporation complex, as well as the booming surveillance state (all of which have deep ties to Tel Aviv”


    There is no doubt that Israel – just as any other country – try to present its position and argue its case in public, but your claims are IMHO – and don’t take it personally – close to tin-foil hat conspiracism. I believe there is lots of valid and sound arguments for major criticism of Isreal, *without* resorting to the “giant zionist conspiracy” bogeyman. Which in fact, that is more likely to backfire than anything else.

    Secondly, I fully agree that countries such as Iran and Russia has significantly less international power and clout than the US, but that is certainly not a reason to ignore the bias in their media. Conflicts are much more likely to start at a local basis, and then drag larger and larger parts of an area into quagmires and tragedy. And one of the major culprits is always biased media. Even in small scale. So for that reason I see no reason whatsoever to boycot certain medias but not others, if they are equally biased. Because they are equally dangerous. So for that reason I completely shun propaganda such as FoxNews, Russia Today, Press.TV and so on an an equal basis.

    I only read media thats is prepared to present more than one view of the world, and – unfortunately – this rules out most (basically all) Iranian and Russian media. I fully prepared to read them, but not a moment before they start presenting views as nuanced as I can get them in – say – Danish Information, Isreali Haaretz and similar. Not because I am “blindly pro-West”, but because it is stille one of the areas where the West can lead the way. Plurality of views.

    Kind regards/JM

  5. Thanks, JM – just a last little comment. Western media have circulated many stories recently about how AIPAC (-related) people and individual Israeli citizens have paid campaigns of U.S. politicians – including Mr. Cotton.
    Here is one example – and you will have a hard time to call Uri Avnery a conspiracist. Finally, I’ve been dealing with international affairs for about 40 years and I have to disagree your belief that the West can – today at least – lead any way when it comes to pluralism. It has not, during these years, been so uniform (of it is a generalisation) than it is today and it seems to me that you are mixing up what is covered with how it is covered – two vitally different dimensions. And that’s it from me this time around. – Jan

  6. Jan

    You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts, as the saying goes. The mere fact that to refer to Avnery completely undermines the point you try to make, as he – among many other anti-zionists – has written for Haaretz and other israeli media.

    Now tell me how many Iranian dissidents write for or for other Iranian mass media? Let me tell you: 0. And you know that as well as I.

    Which is why I certainly boycot fascist media such as, Press.TV and similar. Fell free to support them and their support for persecution if you feel good about it. But I wont.


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