How many Americans has al-Assad killed?

I read dozens of articles every day about various conflict zones, commentaries, war reports and - the few times it happens - possibilities of peace. I read about Syria in particular as I have since I visited Damascus and Aleppo in December 2016. It's important that one does not, over time, develop the disease called [...]

Peace plan for Syria – first steps

A quick comment - expressive of a slight frustration. It doesn't even occur to the reporter - the Washington Post's bureau chief in Beirut - that she is talking about international aggression. Can everybody just use Syria for whatever games they please? Welcome to follow me on my new public page.

Comments to Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

Today Charles Krauhammer - a well-known extreme rightist usually advocating war - writes in the Washington Post under the headline "The Iran deal: The anatomy of a disaster". My comments under the article goes: The day Mr. Krauthammer will write about‚ÄĘ sanctions on Israel for its nuclear weapons and international law violations;‚ÄĘ anytime/anywhere inspections in [...]

Comment to Israel’s defence minister in Washington Post

Israel's defence minister Moshe Ya'alon writes in Washington Post under the headline "Current Iran framework will make war more likely"When I wrote my comment there were already more than 1100 comments - so here it is: "Israel's defence minister is an echo of PM Netanyahu. Nothing new, Israel's official views are well-known, beamed out a [...]