NATO-Russia Conflict in Ukraine Offers Lessons for EU on China Interactions

My Opinion piece in China’s Global Times on March 30, 2022 – related to the highest-level, one-day China-EU Summit on April 1, 2022.

You may read one take on that Summit here from the South China Morning Post “At China-EU summit, Beijing will be reminded its support for Russian war in Ukraine comes at a cost.”

The EU/West seems destined to lose this one too because it has become the ever self-righteous, punishment-oriented and vision-less West.

Why does the EU deliberately start out with a non-starter – with only self-defeating, closed-mind attitudes to meeting with China? What does it want to achieve in this situation where the West itself will be hard hit by the economic boomerangs from its harsh sanctions and isolation of Russia?

The very same EU countries that demand that China take a stand are those that have contributed as NATO members to the expansion of NATO which is a primary reason for the terrible situation Europe is now in – as I write in Global Times.

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