EU agrees on sanctions on Russia – but what about peace?

EU agrees Russia sanctions to stay until Ukraine peace terms met (Reuters).

Exactly as expected. If the EU can make a conflict-resolution mistake, rest assured that it will!

Minsk is not a peace agreement – but at Reuters they don’t know the difference between a ceasefire and a peace agreement.

The looming catastrophe is exactly that there is no follow-up to Minsk II, no process for conflict-resolution, the future structure of Ukraine, nothing on UN peacekeeping, reconciliation, confidence-building and peace.

These sanction are the only known follow-up and only signaling: We don’t trust you damn Russians!

NATO knows only military saber-rattling, EU only sanctions – nobody knows peace. What a Europe! What a danger to all of us having to live with the long-term consequences of such peace illiteracy!

I’ve written a longer piece on what I believe would be a much safer policy – with absolutely no indications of an interest from the local or international media.

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