EU agrees on sanctions on Russia – but what about peace?

EU agrees Russia sanctions to stay until Ukraine peace terms met (Reuters). Exactly as expected. If the EU can make a conflict-resolution mistake, rest assured that it will! Minsk is not a peace agreement - but at Reuters they don't know the difference between a ceasefire and a peace agreement. The looming catastrophe is exactly [...]

Comment on ceasefire and how it is related to peace-building

OSCE: Kiev, pro-Russians agree in principle on truce in LuhanskInterview with Jan Oberg about ceasefires as such and what it takes to make them hold and become the first step toward a sustainable peace.

It’s doable: Peace Israel-Palestine

By Jan Oberg Jan Oberg This one has just been published as TFF PressInfo here. I argue that we need to focus on the violence on both sides rather than taking sides among the parties. The article ends with some principles about conflict understand and will be followed-up with some more concrete ideas. I sincerely [...]