The future of U.S.-Europe relations

"The Debate" with Jim Walsh, MIT and Jan Oberg, TFF Lund, Sweden ‚Äď May 30, 2017 Last night ‚ÄúThe Debate‚ÄĚ on PressTV was devoted to the future of European-US relations in the wake of the NATO Summit, President Trump‚Äôs words and omissions and the ‚Äď historic ‚Äď words, in particular, of Chancellor Angela Merkel immediately [...]

The Western moral decay

The Western moral decay

The World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul, May 23-24, 2016 failed to achieve its fund-raising goals. No one from the richest countries - except Angela Merkel - or of the UN Security Council attended - writes eminent observer Baher Kamal for InterPress Service, IPS. The richest and most powerful, the most militarized and the most [...]

EU agrees on sanctions on Russia – but what about peace?

EU agrees Russia sanctions to stay until Ukraine peace terms met (Reuters). Exactly as expected. If the EU can make a conflict-resolution mistake, rest assured that it will! Minsk is not a peace agreement - but at Reuters they don't know the difference between a ceasefire and a peace agreement. The looming catastrophe is exactly [...]

NATO strengthens forces in Eastern Europe

NATO strengthens forces in eastern Europe against Russia risk - Reuters This is indeed worrying and will cause a tough Russian response at some point. However, it is a little less militaristic than I had feared (or the more worrying steps are not made public). NATO talks war preparation while Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande [...]