Discussing Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Here I am with my friends Donald, Bibi, Sara and Melania…
And speak a little about the stupidity of scapegoating Iran for everything, of giving Saudi Arabia even more weapons – and being bribed by it – of creating the preconditions for more warfare and about the fact that NATO is setting up shop in Kuwait and there are plans to have a Gulf NATO – something you can read much more about in my analysis Trump in Riyadh – A Gulf NATO to gang up against Iran and Syria.
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  1. Trump has received a reality check, but unfortunately he has decided on traveling “the dark side” of maximum immorality and deception – an unimaginable dark reality that would shake people to their spiritual cores if they knew. The sheer magnitude of the lying propaganda is breathtaking.

  2. Dear Jerry – yes, it is breathtaking, indeed. The only ‘good’ thing if there is one is that the U.S. Empire will end sooner rather than later, with him. The question is: How bad will the end be with him?

  3. From another perspective, as one who resonates deeply with the Upanishads people can find solace in knowing nothing ever ends for eternal souls. Peace.

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