There should be a lower intellectual level to the statements by a US Secretary of Defence.

There should be a debunking of the unethical behaviour that repeatedly state that there is only a political solution to Syria and continue to use only violence.

There should be a discussion about international law here.

There should be a discussion of what is morally defensible in this case, even assuming for the sake of argument that President al-Assad is the worst guy on earth.

Why isn’t there – after so many years and so much human suffering and destruction?

We need a very different discourse about Syria – ASAP.


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  1. Now seems a good time for a long, long overdue all-inclusive Middle East Peace Conference, and putting everything on the dialogue table – most importantly, identifying and acknowledging the true root causes of the parties’ differences.

  2. Thanks, Jerry Alatalo – yes, that would probably be a good idea but before a conference it’s important to have dialogues with all parties individually and in pairs so, when they finally meet at such a conference, it will not just be a shouting match and show-off to the media. If there is such a conference it must take time, patience and a lot of human and financial resources to plan – otherwise it will be a failure.
    The main question could be: What does the Middle East that you would feel safe in and work hard for look like – in other words, the compatibility and synergy among many part-visions and larger complexer visions.
    Thanks for thinking constructively! – Jan

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