TFF PressInfo # 638 – September 11: What the US should have done instead of starting history’s dumbest war

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Lund, Sweden, September 11, 2021

After 20 years, mainstream media still only focus on the suffering of the United States and never on the victims of the response to 9/11: The US Global War On Terror. It’s simply disgraceful.

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There is all reason to commemorate the 2977 fellow human beings who were killed on 9/11. But there exists no morally acceptable reason to ignore those millions of equally innocent people who have been victims of the US’s stupid response – namely, the Global War on Terror, GWOT, that started with the onslaught on Afghanistan on “10/7”.

It’s a sign as clear as any that the West’s moral compass and its human compassion – is down the drain.

There are also still too many questions not even raised – about 9/11 itself and this GWOT response. The US chose one militaristic strategy with devastating consequences for the whole world. It did have alternatives.

These two articles take up a series of “forbidden” perspectives relevant on this very day:

September 11 Twenty Years Later: What the US Should Have Done

US-Afghanistan August 15, 2021: Eight conclusions and the mean words “What was it we said all the time”?

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Jan Oberg
PhD, director & co-founder

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